Our PromodLive Search & Destroy Server #3 runs with some custom maps now.

Current map rotation:

Toujane, Market Center, Crash, Carentan, Cluster, Overgrown.

As soon as we found a fitting Burgundy map, it will follow as well.

Feedback in comment section or in the forum is welcome:
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As everyone may noticed: Our TeamSpeak had some vacation last weeks. long enough...

We brought him back now. ;) ... [continue reading]
We wish you a pleasant advent season!

Until 31th of January you can take part on the Universal Alliance Winter / Advent Raffle to win awesome prizes!
The more players, the more winners will be drawn at the end!

The winners can choose their prize from a varity of games that will be raffled.

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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: Maybe some therapist might help you, or get more sleep, whatever, but this doesn't look very good with you..
  • ProXicT: Turbo, you should get some medical help.
  • KRWLNG: Yeah. We are all experienced players with eye problems. Krappa
  • Turbo: It must be friends or something, both must be with eye problems
  • KRWLNG: You got banned by two different admins. Deal with it.
  • Turbo: i need experienced admin who can differ cheater from normal player, im going to write demo
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