Today, on 28 Feb 2017 at 19:09:41 CET the 500.000th player has joined our CoD4 Gameservers.

He connected to our Mario Sniper Server and was online for exactly 10 minutes and 10 seconds :D

Here are some statistics:

All players together connected 4.338.775 times and were online for 85.774 days (or 235 years).
That is an average playtime of 4 hours per user and ... [continue reading]
In the weeks of ending January and February we are maintaining our Masterserver to improve the performance and quality of our services.

This is just the first step, or better said the preparation of an update process that will take place in 2017. So you wont see any significant visible changes after that first step is done.

There will be downtimes of ... [continue reading]
Reveal Trailer to the Call of Duty 4 - Remastered Multiplayer:

(click news header to watch)

And here the Multiplayer gameplay trailer of the main Game from the package (CoD: Infinite Warfare)

(click news header to watch)

Release date: 4th Nov 2016

Preorder ... [continue reading]
  • iMarkus: @pzkY: It also says "vote canceled", when an admin cancels it, so this seems to be a bug, yeah. Same as the tempban issue. We're also having an eye on the redirect menu, especially the private password function. Please keep us informed.
  • DerMaddin: That already happened to me also. But it is only appearing rarely. So, no urgent bug
  • britney: well earlier once you typed a password, there was no need to confirm it every round.. then you could play in peace lmao
  • LianWish: Well don't see other logic atm
  • britney: there's another bug, when the server is full and i type a pw to join, i have to confirm it every round then, otherwise it kicks me out...
  • pzkY: Yea, already noticed that +jj wasn't Auba, just told Lian again that we thought that, since the votes got canceled without notification, since, again, Lian said it could have been that the player left (which makes no sense if he is afk, lul)
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