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Seit einigen Monaten schon, belagerst du nun unsere Community auf unseren CoD4 Gameservern.
Anfangs mit dem exzessiven Gebrauch aller Cheats, die es für CoD4 so gibt, nun auch mit aggressiveren Mitteln, die die Arbeit unserer Trusted Admins auf den Gameservern erheblich stören.
Doch auch andere Spieler leiden unter diesen Eingriffen.
Durch schnelle GUID-Wechsel, IP-Reconnects und VPNs versuchst du stetig unseren Abwehmaßnahmen zu ... [continue reading]
On 12th of June our website has been moved to another server.
The transfer has not been 100% completed yet, so some pages might have issues in displaying or in loading at all.
They will be fixed soon.

If you face any serious issues on website which might not be obv, do not hesitate to contact me ;)

Thank you for your understanding.
... [continue reading]
3 hours ago, steam user's Call of Duty 4 received an "update".

Actually this "update" is a downgrade from version 1.7 to 1.6. Therefore the whole CoD4-steam-community is now beeing locked out from the greater part of the cod4-community/servers.

Yet there is no statement from Activision or Infinity Ward, so we don't know if this is serious or just a mistake.

At the ... [continue reading]
  • Maddion
  • zooeystAr: or put wh off`??
  • zooeystAr: bergson stop play cod4.
  • BERGSON: zooeystAr, pls stop trolling in your forum post
  • zooeystAr: Proxict pm me
  • zooeystAr: Berg always online for posting shitty things
  • zooeystAr: good evening
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