Advent Game

Target of the game

Earn money to buy Tickets.
The more Tickets you have on 10th of January, the higher the chance that you get raffled as a winner to choose your favorite prize!


Left mouse key Primary action / Use / Buy / Gain
Right mouse key Sell
Auto game save every 5 minutes
Tree grow time 3h per stage
Tree stages Sapling > Medium > Big
Oven cook time 1h per required items
Star drop rate ~ 3-7 minutes
If you think, anything else fundamental is missing here, ask DerMaddin via PM.

Trees grow YES YES
Oven cooks YES YES
Stars drop YES no

Game Details:

Game period: 03. Dez 2017 - 10. Jan 2018 23:59 CET
Raffle draw: After game period.
The more players take part, the more winners will be drawn!


... List will be coming soon ...

Contest information

Participation is open to all registered users with a valid e-mail address.
The draw will take place after 10th of January.
The winners will be listed with their nicknames on this site and will be notified via PM.
Changes to the event are not excluded during the period.
The Universal Alliance is the sole organizer of this raffle.
The legal action is excluded.
Parents are responsible for their children.

Game updates

1.0.4 • Bugfixes
1.0.3 • Remaining time tooltip added for trees and oven. • Bugfixes
1.0.2 • Game can be saved manually after a game action has been done.
• Auto-save only once, 5 minutes after an unsaved game action.
• New tree-hover style.
• Minor UI changes.
1.0.1 • Prompt user if leaving unsaved game state.
• Changed star drop rate base to 5 minutes (was 10 min).
• Welcome message now shown as long as user did no game action.
• Game info added.
1.0.0 Game Release