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Der Beitrag von x.Zie wurde vom Admin (iMarkus) gelöscht
Der Beitrag von SaNeK wurde vom Admin (iMarkus) gelöscht
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Erstellt: 18.01.2017, 15:22 #316
Hello guys,

it took waaaayyy too much time now, I know that, but the UA leadership went pretty inactive, but I now do, what has to be done. I am sorry.

Noooun 4f4e3ea4: Denied. Probably cheating, nothing personal, but just to be safe.
Mr. CR7 03852f0f: Accepted.
dangles dde776e1: Accepted. Language*
Brasco 5e528d10: Accepted. Language*
Imprez 77abf1a1: Denied. No activity since oct 2016.
elbu4 46a51f26: Denied. Incorrect GUID.
HEKNOWZ 83a7f73f: Accepted. I've seen some Votekicks for lagging. Try to fix your internet, while acting in the TA Position. Language*
TasK1808 ba55dde2: Accepted.
britney 5a05278d: Accepted.
x.Zie 7f273be0: Accepted.
SaNeK d2aaa83b: Accepted. Language*
dLG_CoD4 6c15983f: Dnied. Questionable Calls: "Bad server", + ban in the past.
$opi* c2aa3e13: Accepted.
Chris is here 76a8c721: Accepted.

Congratulations to our new Trusted Admins.
Please send me a PM on our website to show me your activity and tell me, that you are willing to accept the Trusted Admin position. Your application will be denied, when I didn't recheive a PM within 5 days (until the 23th of january 2k17). You will receive your PIN and your instructions on the 23th or the 24th of january 2k17. Please don't ask me to get it earlier.

*The guys, which got marked with this "Language*" thing: One of our rules is to take care about your chat activities. I've seen maaaany bad words from you in the chat. Tbh, I am tilter aswell, but not on our servers. If you're not going to improve your language and don't start to be nice to people, you'll lose your trusted status faster, that you we're able to get it (it wasn't fast, I know lol, but you understand what I am trying to say). If we see reports about you flaming, then you'll lose your status.

iMarkus, Server Administrator and Trusted Admin Manager
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Der Beitrag von quinquin370 wurde vom Admin (DerMaddin) gelöscht
Erstellt: 22.03.2018, 17:22 #319
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Der Beitrag von kingjr wurde vom Admin (DerMaddin) gelöscht
  • Maddion
  • DerMaddin: ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Nadorix: /weiße *weise
  • Nadorix: Ayay nett geleeched meine persönliche BadBoy source von nnj um mein exploit zu sperren, gg nichts könner Jetzt werde ich eure server wohl doch auf andere weiße mit packets crashen müssen, anzeige ist raus
  • Nadorix: Ich bin Ausnahmsweise nicht
  • ColouRz: aimbotter in sniper server called "joachim"
  • KRWLNG: Oh, that's the way, uh-huh uh-huh I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh.
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