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Erstellt: 01.08.2017, 15:43 #321
First Name:* Simon
Last Name: -
Age:* 22
Career:* IT Support specialist / Music producer
Country:* Greece
City: Athens
hobbies:* Making music, playing games

In-Game Nick:* Quite a few, most recent ones are "x.feejzy", "knx.", "knxwledge" and a lot more, i'm trying to keep some a secret to switch when im trynna spot ppl

GUID:* 233c5d2f

KeyStatus:* Original lmao, votekick works fine and i've never had problems with my key
Playtime per day:* depends, this period leaves me with limited free time so i guess around 4-5 hours per day

Clan:* Uhh...i remember some really really old ones which was more than 3 years ago, i can't remember the names but the tags were |KW| and the other was nN

CoD4 since:* 2011-2012 not sure

UA since:* i think for two years? It's definetely more than a year though!

Servers: PromodSnD 1,2,3 and that's all tbh. The rest have no people online (

Why TA:* Because i want to have some tools to keep in-game balance between teams, and also prevent the game from being ruined due to cheaters.

financial support:* Things are really tough in this country so maybe it sounds bad to your ears but i probably won't be able to...

O. System:* Windows 7 Professional x64

Ruleset read:* I read the ruleset the first time Lian linked me it a few months ago
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Erstellt: 05.08.2017, 15:28 #322
First Name: Glen
Last Name:
Age: 23
Career: Graduate/ Finance Sector
Country: UK
hobbies: Gaming, exercise, swimming, reading
In-Game Nick:* donkey brains
GUID:* e4ab5ac9
KeyStatus:* Original
Playtime per day:* 1-2 hours on average
Clan:* No clan
CoD4 since:* Played CoD4 on PS3 around release until now
UA since:* 1-2 hours; I only play this server when playing CoD4
Servers: SuperMario Sniper
Why TA:* I absolutely love this game and in particular, this server. I am so grateful that this server exists so that I can continue to enjoy this game as I remember it years ago. I've seen many cheaters on this server and would like to be able to prevent them from accessing the server and ruining the fun for others. We're all here because we have a love for CoD4 sniping and it's a great community, where I have made a few friends; I want to be a representative and defend our main aim which is, to have fun
financial support:* Maybe in the near future, I would have to engage in a discussion first.
O. System:* Windows/Mac
Ruleset read:* Yes
Free Text
Anything else you want to say:
I believe I'd make a great admin since I have moderated a few servers previously on Garry's Mod for an extended period of time. I'm mature enough not to abuse power and I've invested my own time into this application as I want all of us to enjoy the server without being disrupted by cheaters. I am fairly well known on the SuperMario Sniper server, I have been playing this server for maybe around 2/3 years now and have made friends with a fair few people; I do look forward to making a few more soon! Thank you very much for reading my application; I know I'll make a great addition to the team.

- donkey

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Erstellt: 06.08.2017, 13:13 #323
First Name: Marek
Last Name: B.
Age: 21
Career: C++ Programmer
Country: Czech Republic
City: Prague
hobbies: Programming, gaming, woodworking, blacksmithing
In-Game Nick: ProXicT
GUID: 2523f334
KeyStatus: Original
Playtime per day: ~3 hours
Clan: -
CoD4 since: 2011
UA since: 2015
Servers: Mostly S&D, sometimes you can see me on TDM and Super Mario Sniper

Why TA: Being TA is a responsible position, no doubts. I know I sometimes can explode when I have no power to solve a problem, but as soon as I get the power, I am a calm and thoughtful person as I am aware of all consequences resulting from my verdict. I think I am really good when it comes to recognizing cheaters and I want to help make the gameplay better by getting rid of them. That includes kicking laggy players (you can see me votekicking them pretty often as I find them ruining the game. And I am really talking about laggers, not players with high latency). Generally speaking, I want to help with making the UA servers better.

Financial support: Without a problem as soon as I will know the money will be reasonably spent.

O. System: Windows for gaming, Linux for anything else.

Ruleset read: Yes
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Erstellt: 06.08.2017, 18:20 #324
ProXicT good boy
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Erstellt: 07.08.2017, 01:34 #325
Thanks, piT
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Erstellt: 15.08.2017, 14:22 #326
First Name:* Maurice
Last Name:* F.
Age:* 21
Career:* locksmith
Country:* Germany
City: Lamspringe
hobbies:* football, pc playing games, sport (fitness) etc
In-Game Nick:* MoMo :DDD
GUID:* bd643bcc
KeyStatus:* original
Playtime per day:* i am playing CoD4 4-5 hours per day
Clan:* CLIPTEK, pod.gaming, Xenon, s1ck.gaming, my Revenge.eV, (I have played together in all teams with Maddin :DDD)
CoD4 since:* I play CoD4 since 2007 and play it today still very actively.
UA since:* i playing on your S&D 1-3 servers 4-5 hours.
Servers: 1-3 S&D Servers

Why TA:* i would like to be admin because i am playing every day 4-5 hours on your S&D servers. The other reason is that I every day cheater discover. I would like to support the part (Admin) because i have much experience in the game CoD4 and i can appreciate very well it when someone uses a cheat. It would be happy if I could get the trusted admin status. Also I have experience as an admin and know the responsibility to wear. also, I'm a calm and friendly player who makes sure that everyone on the public has fun and dont quit the game because they're tilted by the cheaters.

financial support:* Maybe in the near future, I would have to engage in a discussion first.
O. System:* Windows 10
Ruleset read:* yes

free text: Maddin: DDD (in game name) can certainly submit a good statement to me because we play together as well as all the games and spend the online time only together.

with friendly greetings
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Erstellt: 15.08.2017, 17:39 #327
Highly recommended and personally a good occupation for the team

Cyber Gamer

der dude hats drufff. !

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Erstellt: 18.09.2017, 21:50 #328
First Name:* Tim
Last Name:* F.
Age:* 25
Career:* Caregiver
Country:* Germany
City: Duisburg
Hobbies:* Football, PC
In-Game Nick:* wsL''
GUID:* 54f50d83
KeyStatus:* original
Playtime per day:* I´m playing CoD4 2-3 h per day
Clan:* $ICK, BCG, iMad, HST, LineX, PENTA, UA and a lot of teams in ESL, CB, CG and other leagues.
CoD4 since:* I play CoD4 since 2008 with a long break, but now i´m back .
UA since:* Not really sure about that, but i think ~2013.
Servers: 1-3 S&D Server

Why TA:* I would like to be a TA because there are actually a lot of guys who need to be punished because of using cheats. I´m playing for like 2 weeks on UA SD Server and can´t remember that an admin was in there. I played this game very intensive and a long time, so i think i´m very experienced and be able to make a rough estimate about skills/cheats.

financial support:* Yes
O. System:* Windows 10
Ruleset read:* Yes

Free Text

New GUID because i can´t find my old.

Hope you remember me greetz to everyone.

Frag Of The Day #55

"Everyday" starring me | by mazz

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  • sshisui: it was banned
  • sshisui: server 1 not 2
  • sshisui: cheater on server 2
  • RezTheHunter: hello
  • DerMaddin: ah yep, had that as well some years ago
  • SweeDe: That shit fixed it lol ...
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