Arma 2

Erstellt: 02.06.2014, 11:48 #1
Hey guys,

are there still people who play arma 2? i just got into playing the day Z mod but it would be way more fun to play with you guys!
Hit me up on if you want to play!

xfire: camoncrooked
steam: styxcrooked

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  • Maddion
  • DerMaddin: As some might noticed: the website has been moved to another server. Some anti-spambot lists are still needing be updated
  • stachu: The new threads, which google bots made.
  • ProXicT: I primairly mean the website.. Not sure what you mean with bots though.
  • stachu: You mean the website in terms of bots? Or in game kicking/banning etc?
  • ProXicT: Is anyone maintaining the server at all?
  • manfre: yep that Vess demo is blatant as hell
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