Trusted Admin OS - Good idea, or not?

Erstellt: 22.12.2017, 12:53 #51
I definitely like the idea.
Would like to see some competitive TA's.
The only part i dont agree is the 1 Ban = 1 point, since someone can abuse its powers for it and can result to rights removal.

I would say this idea will benefit everyone's side
Lets see what you got boyzz
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Erstellt: 22.12.2017, 16:52 #52
Isn't this point system outdated, and no longer is taking part in TA's work? I mean the org post is from 2015.
edit it was bumped cause noname wanted to complain about his tempban
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Erstellt: 22.12.2017, 18:18 #53
Had to say my opinion aswell in case the idea comes again in Markus mind
(old Name: Chris is here)
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Erstellt: 09.01.2018, 20:39 #54
I want to say that Down Syndrome does not heal time. After all the conversations I constantly played with a limit of 250 fps and what result do you want to know? - Ban Thanks for the review, I'm tired of playing with the kids and I'm so fond of them at home. I come to play in order to relax and not to have a pathetic baby who constantly pay attention to myself. An retarded heal foot under the ass and not by a
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Erstellt: 09.01.2018, 21:01 #55
Dude, many players witnessed you playing with 333fps. Not just 1 admin.
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