Most promod kills challenge

Erstellt: 27.02.2015, 19:08 #1
Hey guys, today i want to challenge all UA Promod SD players. All you have to do is beat number of kills that previous person had. I will start with myself. Good luck guys
35 kills

Edit: If this topic is appropriate for "Call of Duty" board, please move it there.
Edit2: Ok so few hours later i managed to beat my old record and here is the result 36 kills
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Erstellt: 27.02.2015, 19:53 #2
Aimbot inc. Prepare your Anus.
iMarkus, Server Administrator and Trusted Admin Manager
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Erstellt: 01.03.2015, 21:58 #3
I got 38
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Erstellt: 02.03.2015, 14:17 #4
nice UI FOV
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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Erstellt: 13.03.2015, 12:00 #5
Me wins!
42-9 on City and Cross





Beat it.
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Erstellt: 13.03.2015, 13:01 #6

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Erstellt: 18.03.2015, 21:30 #7

Don't have a screenshot from >100 kills
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Erstellt: 19.03.2015, 15:22 #8
I did a 97 - something at crash one day Also a 52-0

At sniper servers both, I'll try to upload a screen lol?

Edit: found it
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Erstellt: 20.03.2015, 18:31 #9
You guys know we are talking about SD only right?
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Erstellt: 20.03.2015, 18:51 #10
"Hey guys, today i want to challenge all UA Promod SD players."
Since you started this challenge it's your right to set the rule that only the SD Servers count
Guys, the thermal drill... Go get it.
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: And don't worry, despite all the strong words from other players and also some admins, I've never actually suspected you from cheating
  • ProXicT: Oh, yes. Well, in my killcam, which I'm sure I still have some recording of, it looked more like if you were shooting at taine and killed me. But I'm also sure your 140ms ping have played a huge role in that.
  • Ghjj.: Wanted to show you how “remotely far” it was.
  • ProXicT: What should we see in these two vids, Ghjj?
  • Ghjj.:
  • Ghjj.:
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