Disabling knife round?

Erstellt: 13.12.2016, 21:48 #1

What do you guys think about disabling first knife round on SD servers? If there's no admin on the server, people run away on purpose, elevating and glitching... and all you do is chasing them. it's quite boring and irritating. Besides, there's no benefit from knife round anyway..

Just my opinion...
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Erstellt: 13.12.2016, 21:50 #2
do it
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Erstellt: 13.12.2016, 23:55 #3
I always enjoyed knife rounds, but that specific reason can annoy you a lot.
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Erstellt: 21.12.2016, 19:02 #4
I really like the knife round, it's a bit of something different and what makes playing on UA stand out.

Other than that, if someone ran away, it's no big deal, as it only last for couple of minutes then the round ends.

If I was there I'd warn, then kick them for abusing the rules, but it's not worth to disable it..it's fun!

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Erstellt: 22.12.2016, 11:17 #5
I rlly like the knife round. Hope it wont get disabled
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Erstellt: 26.10.2017, 00:55 #6
Would it be possible to set the round time to 1 minute just for knife rounds? Would be a compromise imo.
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Erstellt: 26.10.2017, 09:56 #7
Like I've said before, I would like to see it get removed.

Other than that, I just don't get it why knife round, just take 1 round of normal game, the best thing would be that, knife round is an extra 1min, or any time, and after that the team which won it, vote for side, and game start with 20 rounds, but it's just pub, so it doesn't really matter.
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Erstellt: 26.10.2017, 12:46 #8
I like stachu's idea, to set that extra round, out of the normal 20...
Well, in case the knife round stays, I'd still prefer to get it removed :D
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