Can't connect to all of your servers (tdm/sd atleast)

Erstellt: 10.02.2017, 15:14 #1
Hello guys,

I need some help with the following problem:

I can't connect to any of the UA servers. If i connect it will stay on the download mod thingy forever! i have download options on, tied putting them off. Nothing if helping!

Any suggestions?

[link removed by admin - malware]

This is where i uploaded the screenshot!

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Erstellt: 12.02.2017, 00:59 #2
Thanks for your report.

There was an issue with redirecting. It's fixed now.
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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  • bevans89: Fixed, thanks DerMaddin
  • bevans89: Still having the same problem. Connect, can see in-game. Lagometer goes crazy (all yellow), I lag out, get 'Server Disconnected'. Reconnect, get punishment score too high again. Not sure why - it's just your servers, I can connect to any other server
  • bevans89: Thanks, I'll give it a try when I get home later. Thanks for the quick response
  • DerMaddin: I have cleaned scores... should work now.
  • bevans89: Hey I keep getting kicked and not sure why (off all your servers). 'Reason for kick: Punishmentscore too high (50'. Any ideas?
  • cod4xisajoke: @Maddin DId monkey got again? why?
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