Erstellt: 13.02.2017, 18:59 #1
MayheM abusing his admin rights kick and ban me again for no reason
Server : Mario Sniper Fun
Admin: MayheM
TBan Reason : f skript
Kick Reason: ...
My Guid: 48a5d89c
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Erstellt: 13.02.2017, 19:34 #2
Can you please tell us more informations about what happened?
Maybe chat screenshot or something.
(old Name: Chris is here)
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Erstellt: 13.02.2017, 19:49 #3
Today he join on server and just kick me for ( Angelism 48a5d89c MayheM Kick ...) for nothing
then he just tban me without any warnings and reasons.
2 February mayhem joined the server and kick me. I joined back to the server and asked him "why u kick me? reason?" Here's what he told me
And this he wrote to me too
I want to have him took away administrator rights
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Erstellt: 13.02.2017, 19:56 #4
Ok thank you for your report, heads is going to take a look.
(old Name: Chris is here)
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Erstellt: 13.02.2017, 20:42 #5
MayheM kick and ban me many times without any reasons. A lot of times was that he just joined to the server and kick me.
2 January. I play on the server. Mayhem joined the server and just kick me. Then i reconnect to the server and i got tbanned.
Time: 02.01.17 19:19
Admin: MayheM
Reason: using cracked key while hax

I think he got personal problem with me.
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Erstellt: 14.02.2017, 17:55 #6
I remember Mayhem kicking me for bullshit reasons aswell a while back. Like kicking me for camping when I was the one moving around the map the most.
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Erstellt: 14.02.2017, 22:02 #7
But why are you using a cracked guid and not your original one? Then you couldn't get kicked...
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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Erstellt: 14.02.2017, 22:15 #8
I always use original key. In those days I was on holidays in my parents home and play from another PC.
DerMaddin: Then you couldn't get kicked..
And reason to kick? Only because I used cracked key? a lot of people on the server playing with cracked key.
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Erstellt: 15.02.2017, 07:05 #9
All I can say on this topic is few things. I saw you are really active player, since I spectacted u many times I did not saw any bad behavor , allso saw you got good skills. But it's not up to me.

(old Name: Chris is here)
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Erstellt: 16.02.2017, 19:49 #10
The reason of kick is dumb, that's out of question...

Because I ask about cracked:
I have allways people and admins (yes, in first place Mayhem) saying that you are cheating.
I haven't seen you cheating yet. Just sometimes some crazy killstreaks... legit

But then I see you playing often with cracked key and ppl complaining about a cheating Angelism and a Mayhem that is kicking/banning you.

Since there are two parties with opposite opinions, I have the following options available:

  • - Revoke the admin state from one of you guys (which I don't prefer since you are both doing not that bad admin work) what is also unfair to that one.
  • - Revoke rights from both of you (then having noone complaining about cheating admins or abusing admins + more cheaters)
  • - Do nothing: Two admins that can't agree with each other. (and just some random players complaining about cheating admins or not )

But last option only works if you are using your legit key (you can use it on many PCs).
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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  • sshisui: it was banned
  • sshisui: server 1 not 2
  • sshisui: cheater on server 2
  • RezTheHunter: hello
  • DerMaddin: ah yep, had that as well some years ago
  • SweeDe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?... That shit fixed it lol ...
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