Erstellt: 16.02.2017, 00:14 #11
Dermaddin wich two admins you compare ? Mayhem and who else ?
Well my opinion is ofc not to revoke power of anyone, to stop all this friendly war I propose just to do a protect on him. If there will be any proof about any kind of cheat a perma , even global if possible ban should take place.

(old Name: Chris is here)
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Erstellt: 16.02.2017, 19:08 #12
Since so many players in game complain about him being a cheater and then leave could we ban him just to increase the attendance of the server
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Erstellt: 16.02.2017, 19:56 #13
Oh, he was admin some times ago ....

But he is still one active player who is reporting REAL cheaters.
And all "evidences" I got about him didn't show me anything to complain about.
Only fast gameplay and good stats...

So if you guys want me to ban him, share a round of gameplay that shows more than a few lucky kills.
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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Erstellt: 18.02.2017, 19:10 #14
As I sayd... he is cheater... For me ,even script usage is cheat.
I cant say that Angelism is not good player,rly. but I can see difference between clean Angelism,and Angelism (profile) that have some script. Sorry guys - for me he is cheater.

Also,Im not ONLY person who sayd that... That s all I have to say.

edt. also ,last (3rd) PS isnt apply to Angelism - so ...
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Erstellt: 23.02.2017, 18:11 #15
MayheM what do you mean by scripting?
Always been above Angelism on the ladderboard, he's decent but that's it + I don't think he cheats. If we listen to all the noobs banning people there would be no one playing on your servers.
He's clean.
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Erstellt: 26.02.2017, 22:22 #16
DerMaddin: Oh, he was admin some times ago ....
I've never been an administrator on the server. Check your pm's to me ( Ban Angelism UA|SuperMario Sniper Cheat: Roccat by Admin AngeIism). It was one of the admins( MayheM or JUAN CUADRADO) idk It was a few months ago. One of them joined the server and changed their nickname on my nickname (on Angelism) and then ban me. That's probably why you think that I was the administrator, but I never was.
MayheM and PRETTY FLACKO( JUAN CUADRADO) what do you mean by scripting?
I'm playing cod 4 for 8 years and have never seen any scripts. Maybe you have to show the example what scripts do I use? Can you give any evidence?
And now i was banned four times in a row by PRETTY FLACKO( JUAN CUADRADO). He just comes on the server then starts to spec me and tban me already 4 times this week.
Date: 24.02.17 18:01
Nickname: Angelism
Guid: 48a5d89c
Temp-Ban scripting

Date: 26.02.17 21:38
Nickname: Angelism
Guid: 48a5d89c
Temp-Ban scripting

What is happening to you? None of the admins besides you says nothing about me and not ban me.
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Erstellt: 26.02.2017, 23:32 #17
angelism definitely hacks at certain tims.
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Erstellt: 28.02.2017, 06:33 #18
If you think he use any kind of cheat then take a demo and make a report player aplication.
In case proof is valid the he will get banned. Till then no one can prevent him from playing , we got an eye on him aswell.

Greetings , LianWish.
(old Name: Chris is here)
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Der Beitrag von ZeLkeN wurde vom Admin (DerMaddin) aus folgendem Grund gelöscht: UB request and OT
Der Beitrag von LianWish wurde vom Admin (DerMaddin) aus folgendem Grund gelöscht: answer of OT content
  • pzkY: what a bitchmove tbqh
  • DerMaddin: that is because next1 has 74 fake-filled (actually empty) servers on master list. They are all redirecting to those 2 severs. Next1 is the reason why every reasonable CoD4-Community has lost many players over the past year (they had their 1st birthday some days ago. congrats lel)...
  • jUZE: I see alot of familiar faces on the Next1 servers. Their two sd servers are almost always full.
  • DerMaddin: they are listed in "Internet ATVI" list, if you have codx installed.
  • SweeDe: I found UA first from getting the ip manually from friends and adding them to the favourites
  • SweeDe: Yeah well I can't find our servers when refreshing the servers list. Only by having them on my favourites.
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