Our belvoved "trusted" Admin

Erstellt: 22.02.2017, 22:19 #21
Your demo was recorded on SnD #2.

At the same time the real AUBAMEYANG was playing on SnD #1.

The player of your demo is a cracked one from spain with KD-Ratio 2.7.
He is already banned for wallhack.
His last playername was 'UA|Maddin' (this is another TA/ not me btw)
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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Erstellt: 22.02.2017, 22:28 #22
No problem,ty for checking and i will record him again to prove,and one more thing admins, chenge you name while playing against him so that he dont know admin is online and you will se for yourself...
Aubameyang plz make a demo for evidence if you want to ban someone,as i will do the same for you...
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Erstellt: 22.02.2017, 23:50 #23
I thought the console used to kick the people using admins' names ? This is no more effective ?
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Erstellt: 23.02.2017, 00:07 #24
@sNNoop no demo is required if the player has cracked key, we'd go insane to record all that people. It's a few €, buy it

also, if you haven't already got that, the one you spected was another guy so idk what/who you're still talking about lmao
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Erstellt: 23.02.2017, 02:37 #25
you are right my friend,i have played with my orig cd key,and got perm banned 04.04.16 02:58 for glitch/ bug,you can see it for yourself,so if you remove it becouse it is not reason to give someone perm ban,i will play with my orig key
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Erstellt: 23.02.2017, 10:25 #26
So, let me sum this up.
In 2016 you got ur first permban with the name sNNoop by jinkazama. Then you returned with a cracked key and got the second permban (name pooNNs) in 2017 for wallhacking. Then you returned with a cracked key and got the third permban (name jazzii) for wallhacking. I didnt know it was you when i banned "jazzii"
I think this is rlly weird....and ur still here blaming me:/

No offence, but maybe you should learn to lose and play clean;)

I have 1 more thing to say. I became a trused admin here because i donated money to support UA.
But the main reason for me was that i got pissed by ppl like you sNNoop, ppl who votekick everyone from the servers cus they are playing better than you. So i asked for a "protection status".
If more ppl think im doing a bad job or banning wrong players i have no problem giving away my admin status.
I just want to keep the protection status. I dont have much time to play (got a 5 months old baby) and sometimes its annoying when i wanne play on ur servers and i just have to spectate hackers.....lol
But i think i havent done anything wrong.

So i wish you all a nice day;)
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Erstellt: 23.02.2017, 15:53 #27
In the eyes of the noob,ofc you are gonna say i hax,but give me demo,give as all a demo to prove,i got my ban for glitch, and that is not for even a kick but ok,my second ban and my third ban was BY YOU MORRON becouse i was only one who stood up against you.A lot of people knows you hax,you ware banned and kicked multiple times.Now haxor got admin rights and he dont need to hide hax att all,becouse everybody who stood up agaist him get perm ban.
spect me and record me next time,and keep it in your records,maybe you learn a thing or two
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Erstellt: 23.02.2017, 17:31 #28
Ok i try it a last time. You got banned for cheating, nothing else.
I never was banned for cheating and i never banned someone for calling me a hacker.
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Erstellt: 24.02.2017, 21:33 #29
I see a really bad behavior from you sNNoop, also there is more evidence that you are not playing with clear hands . No demo is required for a cracked key, go buy a org one.
No reason for unban.
Case just closed.
(old Name: Chris is here)
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Erstellt: 13.11.2017, 17:23 #30
I just had an argument with that guy on a UA server.
He keeps generating new keys after I banned him based on the recent Wallhack ban by Auba.

@snoop/jazzii: If you read this, I just want to tell you that Auba is just a complete CoD4 addict who isn't #1 rank just by accident. Most of the time he is simply destroying the opponent team by rushing with AKU. Nothing weird or suspicious about that.
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: I remember that day when I first noticed your norecoil. You were at bottom B on citystreets shooting at top B. You were sniper and picked up an AK. When you picked it up, you were immediately shooting at top B because a player jumped out there. Your sights stayed still and you clearly could see that, too. It was visible that you realized you fucked up. It couldn't be more obvious.
  • Human: I play with same settings for years, so who decides about what happens now? I swear i don't do anything wrong. I just play my daily round when i come home from work. When i want to make some kids angry I use my super soaker from my balcony and now shit on some server.
  • Angelism: can some1 join on mario and ba.n No Face guy?
  • KRWLNG: monkaS
  • ProXicT: Man, I have seen you many times with AK when you maybe forgot to toggle off your no recoil. It couldn't be more obvious really, shame I wasn't recordiong that. Here is a demo showing how you use it with your scope: https://nextcloud.proxict.com/...
  • Human: Sure. I am playing on your servers for years now. Maddin and Lucker should know me since i have had my own clan. I never used anything forbidden. When I play with scope i use the Weap-next Bind du shoot quicker and with less recoil. I can show you on any server you want what i mean. But i never used any programs.
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