SD Custom Maps Proposals

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dust 2, two versions :

and nuke

if You, or anyone have some time, just go and look for some maps here
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No matter how small/big the potential maps are - jUzEy is gonna sit in spawn with scope anyways.

Must be a boring life you live Dannyboi

If you put Cluster, Marketcenter or Carentan on you will most likely encounter scopes in their spawn as those maps do not favor scopes but rely more on aku work in matches, I figure public play is basically the same.

Dust2 and Nuke are very different.

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Must be a boring life you live Dannyboi

(c) 24/7 ScopejuZeY has spoken.

People can still be warned for camping. So if someone decides to stay in his spawn for more than two/three rounds, he will be told to play SD and focus on the objectives.
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SD#3 rotaion is listed in latest news.

These maps can be seen as a test session and are not final decission. Im going to replace Overgrown with Strike now since we all seem to agree, that it is too big.

If any custom maps are bugged, please post a wanted/recommended/fixed version of it. I don't have the time to search through CoD4 custom map databases and test every map (#otherUAissuesWaiting).

Thank you all for the feedback and investigations.

ps: I'm going to hide further posts that contain any taunts, trolls etc.
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Like You have said in the news @DerMaddin "As soon as we found a fitting Burgundy map, it will follow as well."

Got some time and tested the maps which i could find, but we might have a problem with finding one. Keep in mind, I have tested all of them on clean promodlive216(no custom iwd/ruleset), on /devmap, so it might act differently on actual server, but I doubt:

Also the names below, are after download, so there might be a different name of the same map, on the website, after downloading, and after You put these maps in Your /usermap folder.

1) From cfg factory, there is also same map on gamebanana, tested both, same result : /
mp_burgundy_2: white grass, missing some textures(white walls) and I've got pretty bad fps, along with ping(tested yesterday at our s&d#3) on this one, but it might be mine pc(the only burgundy map which mine fps are wonky, which is weird).

2) From gamebanana :
mp_burgundy_v2_5: looks like a remake of the map, modern textures, cars in place of tanks, better colours, but attacking side is spawning next to bombsite A, which is in the wrong place on the map, should've been on the other side.

3)From gamebanana :
mp_burgun: same as the previous one, new textures etc, but this time there are some new spots(map is bigger with new roads, which is bad, considering the fact that we want a copy as close as the cod2 map itself).

4)From gamebanana :
mp_burgundy_v2_c5: the closest one to the orginal, but has the same problem with the spawn of the Attacking side, the bombsite is next to them, but should be in the orher place of the map. Also the bombs(green by default, are white on this map).

There is also a version of this map called, mp_burgundy_bulls :, but You can go outside of the bombsite A(added new area outside the normal map).

So if someone have time, and know how to change the spawns/bombsite area on the last map(mp_burgundy_v2_c5), it would be the best option in my opinion. Since im pretty sure You have to edit a map file, to change it, but I might be wrong.

Oh and also speaking of different versions of the map, there is a version with different mid area of the mp_cluster( ). But the current version that's on the server with open mid is better.
The cfgfactory version:

I believe there is also a version without this car area , but I couldn't find it.

Just wanted to point this out, since You might like this version more. But for me the one on the server is good.
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