iLLicit Loki unban,Worst admin ever

Erstellt: 05.05.2017, 19:58 #1
I was previously banned by one of the admins,he accused me of hacking when I just played like 3 rounds with sound

I would prefer to remove the admin ASAP before he bans another player...

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Erstellt: 05.05.2017, 22:13 #2
Hi there, you have a "unban request" button, apply there please.
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Erstellt: 05.05.2017, 22:44 #3
Servers --> Unban Request.

While doing unban request please tell us with more details what happened and no just asking for removing any of our admins. Any evidence could help us to understand better whats going on.

UA Staff ~ LianWish
(old Name: Chris is here)
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Erstellt: 06.05.2017, 00:49 #4
He its me, not Mario, iam "the" Admin. (aka. Worst Admin , Idiot Admin or Just Admin)

He was banned for Wallhack.
I think WH should explain itself.
....Grammatical errors are special effects of my keyboard
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  • Maddion
  • pzkY: what a bitchmove tbqh
  • DerMaddin: that is because next1 has 74 fake-filled (actually empty) servers on master list. They are all redirecting to those 2 severs. Next1 is the reason why every reasonable CoD4-Community has lost many players over the past year (they had their 1st birthday some days ago. congrats lel)...
  • jUZE: I see alot of familiar faces on the Next1 servers. Their two sd servers are almost always full.
  • DerMaddin: they are listed in "Internet ATVI" list, if you have codx installed.
  • SweeDe: I found UA first from getting the ip manually from friends and adding them to the favourites
  • SweeDe: Yeah well I can't find our servers when refreshing the servers list. Only by having them on my favourites.
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