Monkey D Dragon

Erstellt: 08.07.2017, 17:22 #1
I wanted to report an unpleasant episode. Today I came to play in the super mario sniper server by colliding with the Monkey D Dragon player that according to the server was not possible to create a vote as server admin. I could see that the player in the topic used the cheat roccat evident from kill cam. I wondered how it is possible that in a clan like yours you allow such a thing, that an admin can safely play with the cheats without being able to ask for the vote for his kick. I strongly hope that you take a measure in this player's bottles.
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Erstellt: 09.07.2017, 10:57 #2
The way You have phrased Your text is really hard to get the point of it..
Are You reporting Monkey ddragon, because he was cheating, or that he somehow managed to stop votes on the server? From what I can see he was recently banned, so what's Your point?
(old nick on web: cod4xisajoke)
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  • KRWLNG: I didn't say that you spammed. I said Tim was spamming Noscopes and got lucky. No need to insult someone of cheating cause he hits a few Noscopes in CoDfuckin4
  • koukos: and that was it with no warnings or anything he tempbanned me,he could have just kicked me or warn me (an admin has to warn a player 3 times before a kick)
  • koukos: krwlng i did not spam i said something like "lol tina stop chet"
  • KRWLNG: TDM Demo? WutFace
  • stachu: To every Ta's keep an eye on a guy named ICANFLY ozone, here is a demo of him on city.
  • KRWLNG: It's a tempban. You can play again tomorrow. Just stop insulting Trusted Admins who spam Noscopes in Call of Duty 4.
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