Why is Stachu an admin when there's evidence he cheated

Erstellt: 10.07.2017, 13:57 #1
What i was wondering, why the hell does Stachu have admin rights?
If you google his guid ( 9f127cb8 ), there are multiple screenshots where he is cheating.
The screenshots i talk about are:






His guid is actually seen in the screenshots if you look closely.
I realise that those screenshots are from 2011, but still, why would you endorse someone who's been caught cheating in the past?
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Erstellt: 10.07.2017, 14:50 #2
damn here goes my admin.. ;(
jokes aside, it's not like Head-admins didn't know about it. They have checked everything when i was on a trial, I have explained it to them, so I don't think if there should be more of any explanation needed.
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Erstellt: 10.07.2017, 20:16 #3
u explained why u cheat or what? let me guess, it was your brother?

really sad UA gave u TA even when it was in 2011.

Maddin was da los?!
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Erstellt: 10.07.2017, 21:12 #4
I have explained it to admins, no need to do it to You.
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Erstellt: 11.07.2017, 08:24 #5
Shame on you stachu
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Erstellt: 13.07.2017, 22:19 #6
Going to ask again:

Why is he an admin if he was caught cheating?
Even if he doesn't cheat now, he used to do it. Why is he an admin?
You guys have to realise that anytime people google his guid these screenshots will pop up and it will have a very bad effect on your reputation every single time.

It's like having an ex convicted child rapist working in a kindergarden. I don't get it and it makes you guys appear very unprofessional to not even adress this issue publicly.
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Erstellt: 14.07.2017, 12:19 #7
I already know about all this . Since hes doing hes job right no one can judge about his powers.
Also cheated once may make you know when someone is cheating
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Erstellt: 14.07.2017, 19:22 #9
... what does not mean that we are hiring people in first place who have cheated.

We knew and discussed about that case when he was applying for Trusted Admin. We have decided to give him a chance bacause of his positive attitude on UA community to keep servers clean and free from cheaters.
He was and is an exception in this case.

Anyway: if there will be any report/proof about that he is cheating again, his rights would be replaced by a ban.
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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  • Maddion
  • stachu: that's why I have pointed it out that these questions(now are gone in shoutbox) to leaders..
  • SweeDe: Mhm, well no from my side, would have to warn like 80% of the players.
  • stachu: I didn't say anything about getting an advantage/disadvantage.. Asked if we are suppose to warn ppl who are using it, since someone got kicked because he pointed it out to an admin, and he didn't want to specate the person using it. Just wanted to ask if it's a reason to warn/kick people. But nevermind it's pointless.
  • SweeDe: I use mouse4 and mouse5 which is almost equivalent to a single button click in my eyes, so I don't get affected by people using the bind. Macros on other hand is another story
  • SweeDe: Would be more of a hassle to try disallowing the wepnext bind as majority of the pub-players use them and it's more for a show than a crazy advantage if you were to ask me.
  • stachu: Im just asking since someone got kicked, for pointing it out, he got kicked cause admind didn't want to specate the person using it, so he got annoyed by him saying that, just a question.
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