Trial period, spotted someone. What to do?

Erstellt: 10.07.2017, 21:52 #1
I'm on my trial period and was told to record possible cheats.

I caught a few but i'm not sure what to do right now. Is anyone responsible for evaluating these, do i send them somewhere, or just post the batch here?
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Erstellt: 11.07.2017, 08:27 #2
Record a demo and post the .dm_1 file here or send it to maddin / lian / markus
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Erstellt: 11.07.2017, 19:17 #3
Roger, thanks Auba
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Erstellt: 11.07.2017, 21:28 #4
Iam the one who is responsible for all of admins. I told you to sent me 3 demos as you did, and waiti till further notice due to our server updates.
(old Name: Chris is here)
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  • KRWLNG: I didn't say that you spammed. I said Tim was spamming Noscopes and got lucky. No need to insult someone of cheating cause he hits a few Noscopes in CoDfuckin4
  • koukos: and that was it with no warnings or anything he tempbanned me,he could have just kicked me or warn me (an admin has to warn a player 3 times before a kick)
  • koukos: krwlng i did not spam i said something like "lol tina stop chet"
  • KRWLNG: TDM Demo? WutFace
  • stachu: To every Ta's keep an eye on a guy named ICANFLY ozone, here is a demo of him on city.
  • KRWLNG: It's a tempban. You can play again tomorrow. Just stop insulting Trusted Admins who spam Noscopes in Call of Duty 4.
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