Erstellt: 16.07.2017, 19:35 #1
First Name:*Ali
Last Name:hadi
Career:*Gamin career
hobbies:*play games and eating
In-Game Nick:* (V.G DaRk)
GUID:* (e4de230f)
KeyStatus:* (original)
Playtime per day:* (6-7h or much)
Clan:* (V.G)
CoD4 since:* (8h)
UA since:* (5h)
Servers: (ua)
Why TA:* i like admin it sometimes help some players if anyone joined hack or somethings i will ban or kick him)
financial support:* (maybe i will)
O. System:* (windows 7)
Ruleset read:* (yes full readed)
hello ua i like to be admin and trusted me plz just some days if im not good demoted me Please!
Anything else you want to say: accept me plz and ty
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Erstellt: 16.07.2017, 20:37 #2
Call of Duty 4 since 8 hours is not much expierence in that game... so I would not accept your request.
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Erstellt: 16.07.2017, 22:15 #3
I don't want to say that's exactly You, but i see several bans for cheating on that nickname(different keys). Also they way You try to impress people to give u rights to kick/ban isn't really convincing in terms of Your past and game knowledge.
edit. from what i can see, this key is cracked aswell, as the previous one with bans on them.
(old nick on web: cod4xisajoke)
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Erstellt: 17.07.2017, 11:16 #4
First of all we don't give admin rights to just kick and ban people..
Since your keystatus is cracked even you mentioned it's original one there is no chance to be accepted. Pleasing for admin rights is completely wrong also never seen you before in our forums either in servers.
I would suggest you to buy an org key , then play 50 hours on UA servers , be active our forums and make our admins and stuff get known if you.

Till then REJECTED.

Edit: You have only 4 hours in UA servers , also calling everyone a hacker
(old Name: Chris is here)
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Erstellt: 23.07.2017, 19:49 #5
Today i banned this guy for wallhacking (the 2nd time).
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Der Beitrag von LianWish wurde vom Admin (DerMaddin) aus folgendem Grund gelöscht: °-°
  • KRWLNG: I didn't say that you spammed. I said Tim was spamming Noscopes and got lucky. No need to insult someone of cheating cause he hits a few Noscopes in CoDfuckin4
  • koukos: and that was it with no warnings or anything he tempbanned me,he could have just kicked me or warn me (an admin has to warn a player 3 times before a kick)
  • koukos: krwlng i did not spam i said something like "lol tina stop chet"
  • KRWLNG: TDM Demo? WutFace
  • stachu: To every Ta's keep an eye on a guy named ICANFLY ozone, here is a demo of him on city.
  • KRWLNG: It's a tempban. You can play again tomorrow. Just stop insulting Trusted Admins who spam Noscopes in Call of Duty 4.
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