Erstellt: 06.08.2017, 16:34 #31
I watched all demos included in this thread. The only suspicious action was the video from pzky. All other demos seem irrelevant to me. Stachu, I don't know about the other situations you are describing, but in the strike demo, you say you made 0 sound and he preaims you perfectly. Honestly, you made a sound which was clearly hearable.
With this I don't want to claim he is clean nor I don't want to say he is cheating. This is just a comment to the demos I've seen.

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Erstellt: 26.08.2017, 20:47 #32
Hi, everyone) I decided to participate in the discussion)

I watched Fu's demos by stachu.
1. killcam demos is no proof. Need full demo on maps.
2. One full demo (fu_wh_citystreet_backlot.dm_1) and there is normal game. But...
I watched this video streamable.com/bby31
I think... In demo on city and video Fu may use X7 mouse. For example, on video maybe OscarEditor effects (auto-rotate to random opponent). I did't see information about it in internet.
Two moments:
1. turn under stevy's position
2. turn to stachu when he held flash.
But it may be lucky timing and intuition.

I played against him and i can't say that he has cheats. All moments was normal game moments. However no game history - no trust. For example as stachu or auba. Their game had suspicious moments) On server is much kings of public servers without normal guids and game history. Probably their old guids is banned and they can play with cheats again. Some players use ts.

Thus, need more convincing proofs and full demo. The demos by stachu is no proof.
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Erstellt: 27.08.2017, 00:55 #33
I watched Fu's demopack #2 by stachu. The normal game.
For example, fu_wh_strike_nosound.dm_1 - he heard stachu.
But... fu_wallaim_crossfire.dm_1 - suspicious moment. How did he see stachu?) And this suspicious turn) Need full demo.
Does anyone have x7 mouse?
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Erstellt: 27.08.2017, 11:16 #34
When it comes to full demos, that's the point of this whole discussion. Whenever someone is on spectator, or even in his team, spectating him by not choosing any weapon. He plays completly different, that's why we don't have much of full game demos on him, his gamestyle changes a lot, when he knows if someone is watching him. That's the key.
But i get it, You just simply can't ban him based on some killcams.

On that strike demo, yeah i have made sound, dunno why, when I have recorded it, I didn't hear anything, my bad.

x7 mouse? You mean when You click that button, You shoot straight as fast as you can 7 bullets, or im missing something?
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Erstellt: 27.08.2017, 12:11 #35
@ cod4xisajoke
No. You mean macros.
If OscarEditor is working and player is in the game, then sometimes there can be a random auto-turn to the opponent. The opponent even can be on the other side of the map. There is no dependence. The player even can be auto-turn in a wall. Probably this is OscarEditor bug, but i did not see a discussion about it in internet. Maybe I was searching bad. Fu's demos did not have large turns, but turns were on the video and maybe on city.
Who has x7 mouse, he can test this bug. For normal game need switch off OscarEditor )
But a joke is that I have never heard of such a bug. I accidentally detected it when I played with the x7 mouse.
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Erstellt: 27.08.2017, 12:00 #36
To be honest, I have never heard of such a thing, might be coincidence, who knows.
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Erstellt: 27.08.2017, 19:05 #37
Yea thats the point stachu. When we (admins) spectate him he is playing completely different. Like a noob...no1 would think he is cheating.
And when other players spectate him (not admins) he is abusing the vote system and kick the spectator. I got some demos from Fu- abusing the vote system like this. Selfie and Silver Bullet sent me.
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Erstellt: 27.08.2017, 19:47 #38
Make him record his screen and livestream it on Twitch or Youtube. Be nice about it and tell him that there is some suspicion that he's cheating, if he would be so kind as to do that to prove that he isn't. Offer him help with it if he needs it and see how he reacts.

He should then play at least one complete rotation and if he can get the same kind of scores he does normally. I'm aware that it still wouldn't be 100% conclusive proof but it would ease our/your minds a bit I think.
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Erstellt: 27.08.2017, 20:51 #39
There is a simple solution.
You can make a demo recording mandatory for some players for a period (for example, month).
If the player can not provide a demo, then this will be his problem.
And you can give a temporary ban him (for example, month).
Thus, there is not necessary to sit in spectate.
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Erstellt: 27.08.2017, 21:38 #40
I don't believe we are going to get far with demos. I've spectated him quite a bit and he does too many things that don't make sense for a cheater to do.
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