@ DerMaddin and iMarkus - also rest of crew

Erstellt: 28.07.2017, 20:26 #1
We have discussed that case internally and came to the conclusion to revoke Mayhem's admin state, because of misinterpreting our Trusted Admin Rules after a second chance.

Anyway we have to say that he was doing a great job (beside of his not so good hours) in keeping our servers free from cheaters. The community can thank him for his commitment since he was one of the most active Trusted Admins.
His decisions were right in many cases (more than 900 bans of real cheaters).

(this is maddins statemeant)

@ Dermaddin & iMarkus (also rest of crew)

Thank you for supported me while I was an admin ....

It was nice to be a member of your community and participate in the activities on the server.
I hope that someone better will replace me,and that he will not make mistakes like I did.

Frankly, it's hard to be on the server now and feel like an ordinary player who can be kicked out of his way of playing .... I think I've been NO.1 on the server for a long time :) , and I think it's time for someone else to replace me. I'll stop by from time to time, because I left a lot of hours playing and socializing on your server.

I want you all the best, and every good

MayheM aka. HalifaX
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Erstellt: 29.07.2017, 17:28 #2
Hi MayheM,

thanks for the positive feedback from you. Since it is very hard to play on our servers after some admins going back to regular player, we could probably give you a kickprotection, just to honor the time spent on our server and keeping it clean. What would you (and the rest of our admins @Maddin & @Liam) say about that?

Anyways, good luck in future.

iMarkus, Server Administrator and Trusted Admin Manager
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Erstellt: 29.07.2017, 20:01 #3
GL in the future bro.
I really respect you for this statement after you got "kicked out" of the admin team.
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Erstellt: 29.07.2017, 21:57 #4
I'll agree with Markus about kick protection.

Overall you've been one of best players in past on mario server , really skilled and helpful.
Wish you good luck in whatever you planing to do, also wish you stay and enjoy your game-play to UA community. For any issue you will have feel free to PM me or rest of leaders.

Good luck and have fun.
(old Name: Chris is here)
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Erstellt: 04.08.2017, 16:42 #5
any words of Maddin ?
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Erstellt: 07.08.2017, 20:39 #6
I do not want to escape responsibility, but that was not initialized by me, [edit: but more a decision by the whole leadership]
But I agree with Co Leadership (+community) that this had to be done.

Anyway you are always welcome to me/us
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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Erstellt: 05.08.2017, 18:01 #7
y... I know it was Markus wish, I dont blame him... we are all humans
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Erstellt: 07.08.2017, 20:11 #8
No it's not Markus wish Mayhem.
Your case was discussed by whole head-admins.

Good luck mayhem,
(old Name: Chris is here)
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  • Maddion
  • cod4xisajoke: here is the link, since some of You don't go into that thread www58.zippyshare.com/v/7AjQuycQ/file.html
  • cod4xisajoke: I have fixed the link in fu thread, if You can go and watch new demos.
  • HEKNOWZ: Not the first time it happens, but it has been solved once i think ?
  • DerMaddin: this issue is on our investigation list and will be fixed soon (estimated: before end of august)
  • cod4xisajoke: i'ts not like that they don't work, they work, but for some people it's like a kick, but when You check their keystatus the tempban is there, so i don't know tbh
  • imFijz: well from what it seems maybe tempbans don't work...
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