Enable smoke on TDM

Erstellt: 31.07.2017, 18:56 #1
I understand why the nades are off but smoke? Makes the server really annoying when you get spawnkilled without any chance to escape (ex crossfire)
Is there any chance to turn it on in the future?
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Erstellt: 31.07.2017, 22:58 #2
12 players on each site makes 24 players which are throwing smokes permanently. Since smokes are active around 30 seconds and some players even do live around 20 seconds, you will even have multiple smokes active. I don't think we will activate smokes or flashes in future anymore.
iMarkus, Server Administrator and Trusted Admin Manager
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  • cod4xisajoke: here is the link, since some of You don't go into that thread www58.zippyshare.com/v/7AjQuycQ/file.html
  • cod4xisajoke: I have fixed the link in fu thread, if You can go and watch new demos.
  • HEKNOWZ: Not the first time it happens, but it has been solved once i think ?
  • DerMaddin: this issue is on our investigation list and will be fixed soon (estimated: before end of august)
  • cod4xisajoke: i'ts not like that they don't work, they work, but for some people it's like a kick, but when You check their keystatus the tempban is there, so i don't know tbh
  • imFijz: well from what it seems maybe tempbans don't work...
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