I can't join the server

Erstellt: 10.08.2017, 10:03 #1
Hello everyone,
So i have this weird problem where i can't join the server, when i connect to the server it get stuck in ''synchronizing game settings'' for several minutes then it says connection timed out
also one other thing ''setting up game'' appears before synchronizing and not after it
I can't seem to find any solution to this problem, i did almost everything from opening ports to disabling firewall to restarting routeur
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Erstellt: 10.08.2017, 15:28 #2
Hello frozen!

While i'm no expert at this, it might seem like a registry problem.

Try reinstalling the game, choose a different path than the default one while you're installing the game files.

Also make sure to run the game as Administrator when you're done with the fresh installation (and cracking of the game to the most recent Multiplayer version)
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Erstellt: 10.08.2017, 18:02 #3
If you face that issue only on specific servers, try to solve it by deleting the related gamemode folder

for example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\Mods\pml220_ua_sd

Then reconnect.
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  • Maddion
  • sshisui: not only: they also used to overwright your fav list with their IPs if you connected to their server in the past
  • pzkY: what a bitchmove tbqh
  • DerMaddin: that is because next1 has 74 fake-filled (actually empty) servers on master list. They are all redirecting to those 2 severs. Next1 is the reason why every reasonable CoD4-Community has lost many players over the past year (they had their 1st birthday some days ago. congrats lel)...
  • jUZE: I see alot of familiar faces on the Next1 servers. Their two sd servers are almost always full.
  • DerMaddin: they are listed in "Internet ATVI" list, if you have codx installed.
  • SweeDe: I found UA first from getting the ip manually from friends and adding them to the favourites
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