Time for hitmarkers to be a part of the past?

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Hello, ColouRz here. My favourite way to pass time is to snipe in cod and I want to make sure that I have the best experience possible while doing so . You probably get this a lot but I want to hear your opinion about this and why you have decided to keep the hitmarkers in Super Mario Sniper. I'm going to compare it to iw4x(mw2), teknomw3(mw3) and other cod 4 servers which don't have hitmarkers.

Arguments against hitmarkers:

1. Every time you get a hitmarker it feels shitty. I'm not a psychologist but I'd assume it feels shitty because we are treated unfairly by the game. Even though we did hit our shot which our job is, it didn't reward us with a kill but rather an annoying hitmark.

2. The fun part of sniping in ffa and tdm instead of snd in my opinion is that it's easier to get a big amount of fast kills in a row. The skilled part comes into play that after a fast spree of 3 kills, you have to keep your calm to not choke the rest of the available targets. When you manage to do that it's amazing. BUT if you get a hitmarker in the middle of the spree everything is ruined, other enemies have more time to kill you, meaning they are rewarded while you are punished even if you hit your shots. It is already way more difficult to hit players in cod 4 than mw2 and mw3 due to the player's size being very small in relation to the map, and the movement being more agile. To summarize it in one sentence: The satisfaction given by making quick consecutive guaranteed kills are much larger than being able to hit a more precise shot in the chest.

3. When getting a single kill is harder, players tend to stay in cover in case they fuck up and get a hitmarker meaning the game is more camp oriented and less action oriented. Pushing into a group of enemies penalizes you because if you get a hitmarker you are dead. If you stay behind walls peeking your head out, not only is less of your body visible so that you are a harder hit, but you can also safely slide back into cover to avoid the enemies incoming bullets after hitting a hitmarker, instead of continuing to push out.

4. One of the fundamentals of sniping in my opinion are reaction times. Let's say two people turn a corner, one being a 10k hour player with several World Championship wins, the other being a 10 year old kid. The pro, having good reaction times fires his shot first. But oh no he hit a hitmarker, the kid takes his shot a second later and he kills the pro in one shot. What I'm trying to say is that hitmarkers screw up the skill gap of reaction times.

5. Noscoping. Everyone noscopes in cod 4 and that's not too big of a deal because it's very difficult to get a zoomed kill on very close range. On mw3 on the other hand, noscopes are forbidden and you will get kicked for it, because they are luck based and discourage good aiming skills. However in that game it is very easy to hit quickscopes on close range. The noscoping itself isn't a problem in cod 4 in my opinion as long as you only use it at close range. Now that noscopes are RNG aka luck based is common knowledge. Sure you can decide an approximate direction that the bullet will travel, but unless you are hugging the other player there is always a chance for it to miss. But what do hitmarkers have to do with this you might wonder? Well because you can't decide where your bullet will go exactly, you can't aim so specifically that you hit the chest instead of legs and arms. This means that hitmarkers on noscopes are 100% unfair and oh boy they happen often because in close range the players usually try to run around to dodge bullets and while they do that they expose their arms instead of their chest.

6. Hardscopes?! Here lies a huge difference between cod 4, mw2 and mw3. In mw2 and mw3, hardscopes are forbidden and you will get kicked for them. Personally I haven't done a single hardscope in those games on purpose for years and get disgusted if I see someone trying to hardscope. In cod 4 however, I get a bit iffy if someone complains about hardscopes. The difference lies in how the games' mechanics work. In cod 4, players are smaller and faster, the map dimensions are also WAY larger and there are MANY more objects to hide behind, especially these broken cars that act like shields. The sniper shoots WAY slower and has WAY less bullets in a mag. The reload in cod 4 is also a shit ton slower. And last but not least, you need to aim perfectly at the chest or head to kill if you don't want one of those pesky hitmarkers. All these factors make the bullets very valuable, you can't miss. Therefor hardscopes are a good solution for those reasons. But too much hardscoping isn't good for the fast paced gameplay. Hardscoping encourages camping. I see myself quickscoping on short to medium distance on other cod 4 sniping servers with hitmarkers disabled. I try it in UA as well but just get a ton of hitmarkers, die to some guy sitting on top mid hardscoping and suddenly I'm playing mw2 instead.

7. Might come up with more arguments at some other time, also others might reply with some.

Counter arguments:

1. "So you got a hitmarker? aim better noob". Yes, it is a small skill gap to be able to hit the chest instead of the arms or legs. If there is anything I care about, it is being rewarded for playing well. (Which is why I think vanilla cod is unplayable due to the cheap ways to get kills with killstreaks and grenade launchers etc). Anyways, I don't think the skill gap should be focused on that aspect of the game, to hit your shot on the target. I think it should be focused on being able to kill MULTIPLE enemies FAST. To be a ONE MAN ARMY that penetrates the enemie's base and just quickscopes them all. This way of gameplay is exactly how mw2, mw3 and other cod 4 sniping servers without hitmarkers are. Way more kills happening meaning less time spent per fight and more time spent smacking another newly respawned noob's ass.

2. I guess some people see the Super Mario Sniper server as a server where you practice sniping for the "real" game. All guns Search and Destroy or other game modes. The hitmarkers of course exist in reg gun servers and they should so you want to practice aiming at the chest with the snipers. I can only see a purpose in that if you are very new to the sniper and need to learn the basics of killing with it. Because if you only play against other snipers the game looks a lot different than reg gun. You can push out in the middle of the map without being immediately destroyed. So if you play much sniper server like I have. I basically play 90% sniper servers only. You might end up like me who suck with the sniper in reg gun because you just rush around as if you are playing an SMG and think you are invincible. Also I don't think many players treat it as solely practice for reg gun, instead most players see it as some different game mode where only time spent in that game mode will make you the best.

3. Same as 7., come up with more.

Some reflections: It is quite small of a problem honestly. Which is why I haven't touched it the past years playing here. It's not like I'm not going to completely stop playing the server due to this but I'm definitely going to spend less time here and more in other servers. I don't know if too many others care either but there is that occasional "die" or "shitmarker" comment in the chat. I think this is a quality of life matter. It is not a matter of, if there are hitmarkers it's unplayable. It's just that I see a bit more happiness if they are gone. This is just my personal thoughts, it doesn't matter too much if you choose to ignore it. Sure I definitely think there will be fewer players but that might not be your goal. Perhaps you want a server that snipes like normal promod. I feel like I have so much to say on the sniping topic since that's my favourite thing to do and it's what I put a lot of my spare time into. I will never be finished talking about it which is why I wrote so much about a rather small change. I certainly have strong opinions of how cod sniping should be and I don't think I lie in the popular side. As most people enjoy snd, the pressure of only having one life, I however enjoy the most fast paced action that is possible to find. And I'm yet to find another game that does it better than cod, specifically sniping servers.

If you have similar interests and think we could have some interesting discussions, add my discord: ColouRz#3000

Have a nice day!
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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 15:38 #2
Agreed, I'd love to get rid of those incredibly annoying hitmarkers. I used to admin an hardcore sniper server and it made for a MUCH better experience. In this case since there's other weapons too, hardcore can't be done but just editing the R700/M40 props would solve the problem
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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 15:55 #3
Do You want to get rid of hitmarkers - tags? when You hit for 98 dmg, or something around that on promod servers, or change that scoped rifles are doing more damage? I just don't have time to read it, sorry lol.
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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 19:16 #4
Yes I used the inaccurate wording in my post of "removing hitmarkers". What is actually done is increasing the rifle damage or decreasing the health total. Also, if you are against it please take your time to discuss it
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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 19:32 #5
Im sorry if You spoke about it above, but I didn't read everything.
For me it should stay as it is, why? Just because if You tell me u tagged someone, got hitmark on someone, that simply means:
You missed a shot;
He was moving;
the reg wasn't there;
Your internet connection to the server wasn't perfect at that shot;
or just simply You shot him through something.

So You are basically saying that every shot with scope, should profit in a kill? Even a leg shot/arm shot, even a tag through wall/something else? Like I've said above, I didn't read everything, so I'm sorry if You mentioned any of it.
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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 20:21 #6
This is promod. No offense, but


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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 20:26 #7
No not through walls. Sad to see these responses for a pretty long and thought out post honestly.
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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 20:49 #8
Yeah, but in fact this is promod and promod should be played as promod. Sorry, my opinion.
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Erstellt: 08.09.2017, 22:14 #9
If u have good aim u will simply hit them into torso or head, u just get the kill and no hitmarkers.It is your fault if u get hitmarkers caused by bad aim.

I think we should keep the challenge to manage clear kills instead of whining for hitmarkers. Otherwise it is way too easy to get kills, it is just more comfortable for bad players to get kills - logically better aimers will have less fun.

In my opinion we should keep the competition on servers on current status.

It will feel like hardcore and hardcore is pretty boring.

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Erstellt: 12.09.2017, 11:01 #10
I think we shouldn't remove hitmarkers either... It's promod afterall, and as pali said, with no hitmarkers it'll feel like hardcore, which is pretty boring.
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