Time for hitmarkers to be a part of the past?

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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 15:38 #2
Agreed, I'd love to get rid of those incredibly annoying hitmarkers. I used to admin an hardcore sniper server and it made for a MUCH better experience. In this case since there's other weapons too, hardcore can't be done but just editing the R700/M40 props would solve the problem
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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 15:55 #3
Do You want to get rid of hitmarkers - tags? when You hit for 98 dmg, or something around that on promod servers, or change that scoped rifles are doing more damage? I just don't have time to read it, sorry lol.
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Erstellt: 01.03.2019, 14:29 #4
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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 19:32 #5
Im sorry if You spoke about it above, but I didn't read everything.
For me it should stay as it is, why? Just because if You tell me u tagged someone, got hitmark on someone, that simply means:
You missed a shot;
He was moving;
the reg wasn't there;
Your internet connection to the server wasn't perfect at that shot;
or just simply You shot him through something.

So You are basically saying that every shot with scope, should profit in a kill? Even a leg shot/arm shot, even a tag through wall/something else? Like I've said above, I didn't read everything, so I'm sorry if You mentioned any of it.
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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 20:21 #6
This is promod. No offense, but


iMarkus, Server Administrator and Trusted Admin Manager
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Erstellt: 01.03.2019, 14:29 #7
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Erstellt: 07.09.2017, 20:49 #8
Yeah, but in fact this is promod and promod should be played as promod. Sorry, my opinion.
iMarkus, Server Administrator and Trusted Admin Manager
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Erstellt: 08.09.2017, 22:14 #9
If u have good aim u will simply hit them into torso or head, u just get the kill and no hitmarkers.It is your fault if u get hitmarkers caused by bad aim.

I think we should keep the challenge to manage clear kills instead of whining for hitmarkers. Otherwise it is way too easy to get kills, it is just more comfortable for bad players to get kills - logically better aimers will have less fun.

In my opinion we should keep the competition on servers on current status.

It will feel like hardcore and hardcore is pretty boring.

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Erstellt: 12.09.2017, 11:01 #10
I think we shouldn't remove hitmarkers either... It's promod afterall, and as pali said, with no hitmarkers it'll feel like hardcore, which is pretty boring.
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