Trouble connecting

Erstellt: 25.10.2017, 15:20 #1

A friend of mine has trouble with the new skin, he cannot connect, the file keeps downloading, for 5, 6, 7 times, and it doesn't work. He gets these errors:
Recursive error after:Netchan_Transmit: length=10 buffer length=0 and
Short write in FS_Copyfiles()

Any advice/help?

Thanks in advance.
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Erstellt: 25.10.2017, 15:21 #2
OH forgot to mention, I also sent him new skins, still didn't work.
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Erstellt: 25.10.2017, 15:26 #3
I had to reconnect like 6 times, to even start downloading. I guess it's something on server side.
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Erstellt: 26.10.2017, 18:16 #4
Thanks for the report. That shouldn't happened.
Tested the update process online yesterday. And worked with first download. The others from server hadn't any issues as well (16 online at that time)...
So could be caused by local system write permissions or smth like that...

What server he was connecting to?

I'll investigate...

I have checked mod files of all 4 locations (SD#1, SD#2, SD#3, fast-download-location)
all file checksums match.
So it must be an issue on user's local file system.

To solve that issue user friendly i will rename the mod, so it wont update the old one but installs another one.

Update #2:
SD#2 and SD#3 updated.
SD#1 will follow as soon as it is empty.

Update #3:
SD#1 updated as well

Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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Erstellt: 26.10.2017, 12:47 #5
Thank you, I've sent him what you said, we'll see if he gets it resolved.
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Erstellt: 26.10.2017, 22:02 #6
no problems for me. everything worked fine:]
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