Admin Tina tempbanned for insult with no warning and not act

Erstellt: 17.11.2017, 13:47 #1
Server:UA| supermario sniper server
My ingame Name:Thievery
Date : 17/11/2017
Server Time:13:22:18
Ban:Temp ban for insult

What happend??
I casually joined supermario server and after 6 minutes of playing there were some guys spawnkilling AF so i just told them to stop the spawn camp/kills .I said "lol dat campus" or something like that
That Tina guy told me to "calm down"
If i can remember i said "shut it",having no clue he was an admin ,thats my bad.
A little after that Tina did some suspisious noscoping with weird movement and i said something like "lol tina stop chet"
I got an instant tempban with no use of the warnings,as i can remember an admin has to warn 3 times a player in order to just kick him.That guy did not warn me and he actually tempbanned me because i said
1)Stop camping and spawn killing to those who did
2)Said with a funny way that Tina might hack
3)I got tempbanned because of a "shut it" and "lol Tina stop chet"
4)So there wasnt actually an insult but he still managed to tempban without any warnings
5)Thats great admin selection overthere
Console Screenshot :
I request an unban ASAP this is unacceptable,admins should know the basic rules in order to proceed to a tempban.He followed no rules,i request the suspension of his admin rights,that guy clearly cannot follow any rules and he does not respect the fact that you trusted him to keep the servers fair.If an admin cannot follow those rules how do you excpect from us to do so?.

Cheaters should be banned!
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Erstellt: 18.11.2017, 15:29 #2
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Erstellt: 18.11.2017, 19:06 #3
Hey koukos, not long ago you wished cancer to all my family (among other things, for example raging for many maps and being STILL salty about your admin rights being removed) and "threatened" to report an "admin insult" on the forum when I said "stfu and play" (instead of taking worse measures).
Please get help.
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Erstellt: 18.11.2017, 19:08 #4
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Erstellt: 19.11.2017, 18:38 #5
be nice and u will have not any problems on ua servers.
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Erstellt: 19.11.2017, 22:30 #6
Not sure if troll.
iMarkus, Server Administrator and Trusted Admin Manager
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  • britney: Thank you!
  • DerMaddin: good idea. enabled from Protected Player rank on now.
  • britney: could you PLEASE remove !chat command, or make it work for admins only? Some moron spams it for the last 3 maps...
  • kingjr: Agree with stachu on Troxzy. Aside from the already dodgy kill he gets a tag on the scope at the wall afterwards while aiming at the car's right headlight (from the player's pov), that's way off target. I've also checked his GUID once before, months ago when he was playing under a different name, this is what came up FWIW
  • sshisui: check UA|1 gnater. possible rockat
  • stachu: and why would he leave immediately after that kill? He didn't finish the car guy, he knew he fucked big time.
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