Unban request.

Erstellt: 24.11.2017, 02:58 #1
Hello, 2 days ago i wrote my unban request becouse was banned 2016 reason "bug user" and admin replied that i was banned for an hour,so today i played again for about an hour and tonight i was trying to connect and server kicked me like my ban was still active. Waiting for your reply...
Date : 04.04.16 02:58
Name :sNNoop
Guid; a962d4cd
Banned by: TA|JinKazama reason "bug user"
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Erstellt: 24.11.2017, 03:10 #2
@Maddin: I saw him today playing with his original key on one of the SD servers.
Dunno why he has problems again now.
Auba kept banning him for wallhack when he was using cracked keys. So maybe he has something to say as well here.
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Erstellt: 24.11.2017, 03:23 #3
Something is wron with the servers,i played today with my orig cd key assuming that the ban was removed but i tried to connect tonight and i was kicked with the same reason i was baned like it was not removed att all,but how did i manage to play with it today for about an hour?
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Erstellt: 24.11.2017, 13:18 #4
asking for unban, on a 1year+ old ban, now that's a top kek
(old nick on web: cod4xisajoke)
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Erstellt: 26.11.2017, 17:40 #5
I have looked into this. Seems like your ghost guid (cracked copy of original one [caused by cod4 bug]) had some temp bans and high punishment scores... I have cleared that, so it should be working now again.
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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Der Beitrag von {X}Mr_Roky_HD wurde vom Admin (DerMaddin) aus folgendem Grund gelöscht: PM
Der Beitrag von {X}Mr_Roky_HD wurde vom Admin (DerMaddin) aus folgendem Grund gelöscht: Please use Unban Request form
  • britney: Thank you!
  • DerMaddin: good idea. enabled from Protected Player rank on now.
  • britney: could you PLEASE remove !chat command, or make it work for admins only? Some moron spams it for the last 3 maps...
  • kingjr: Agree with stachu on Troxzy. Aside from the already dodgy kill he gets a tag on the scope at the wall afterwards while aiming at the car's right headlight (from the player's pov), that's way off target. I've also checked his GUID once before, months ago when he was playing under a different name, this is what came up FWIW https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-vie...
  • sshisui: check UA|1 gnater. possible rockat
  • stachu: and why would he leave immediately after that kill? He didn't finish the car guy, he knew he fucked big time.
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