Unban request.

Erstellt: 03.01.2018, 14:01 #11
I repeat: Stop twisting the facts.
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Erstellt: 03.01.2018, 14:31 #12
You hate the fact that im right.

You did warn me for being on spawn where the bomb was. Are you really that delusional?
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Erstellt: 03.01.2018, 16:21 #13
I'm not wasting my time discussing this while another admin was witnessing the entire situation and agreed with me entirely.

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Erstellt: 04.01.2018, 08:18 #14
I remember you pink guy. Few days ago i kicked you cus u were jumping on that ledges behind cafe on strike. You were the last man on attack and the point is to plant and not jumping on things in a 1v4 situation.
You reconnected and called me a retard. Thats why i tempbanned you. Just grow up and stop telling bullshit here...
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Erstellt: 04.01.2018, 12:52 #15
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Erstellt: 04.01.2018, 17:06 #16
Thats the thing AUBYEBEUIBMEME.

you kicked me out of nowhere. No warning, no nothing. I was winning the round and the last guy was in cafe waiting to be shot because he was coming down. I can play however I want to play if I pretty much know that I will win the round. If I don't win, feel free to do what ever the fuck you want to do but don't abuse your power when you are in no position to do so.

you kick people because they don't play like you want them to play.

telling people how to play when ITS A PUBLIC SERVER THAT'S WELCOME TO EVERYONE is beyond retarded.

You kick me for winning rounds while you let people that play with "weapnext binds" stay on the server. That's basically cheating. Check your server logs, check the history of cod4. People got banned for years for that thing, yet you welcome them with open arms.

I'm not twisting facts. I can play the same card you play KRWLING. "I know at least two people that agree with me"

If you don't want to argue, don't accuse people of cheating (when you have zero evidence) and then get butthurt when people don't agree with you, and start talking about who's relevant and who isn't.
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Erstellt: 04.01.2018, 19:54 #17
Winning the round? You were alone on attack, 4 player in defence and u camped on that jump behind cafe on strike. (~20 sec left in that round).

Just follow the rules dude...
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  • jUZE: I thought Anna was the gf from L-king hahaha but Thanks for the unban, much appreciated
  • stachu: org key not cracked @_@ and I'm pretty sure You know what to do..
  • stachu: @DerMaddin @MoMoPwnTu from what I see he is unbanned. There wasn't any demo from Momo? If no, then why would You ban someone with cracked key without recording him, since You are an admin I'm pretty sure what You have to do..
  • jUZE: Bad behaviour? I am at a loss here 😅
  • AUBAMEYANG: and mega wtf is wrong with you?? you should stop flaming an admin after u got banned cus your aimbot went insane...
  • AUBAMEYANG: juze deserves a ban for his bad behaviour tbh
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