Erstellt: 26.11.2017, 16:47 #1
I am posting following about 6 hours of playing on the server #sd 2.

Admin "kkkk" having gotten into the game while I was engaged into a rant with player Tina about the fact that I often say "shit team" or whatever, has at one point called me cunt and in following games provoked me trying to get me to curse him (i.e swearing).

I asked him to stop chating to me as I am not interested in talking to him nor to break some rules.

I had some error however in saving the logs but I will post here next examples.

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Erstellt: 26.11.2017, 17:39 #2
Player Tina is actually admin Tina.
Just stop calling others shit when you're not the best as well.
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Erstellt: 22.12.2017, 13:39 #3
Please provide any screenshots next time you are in argument with an Admin or UA member.
This way we can check our admins behavior but players aswell.
(old Name: Chris is here)
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  • KRWLNG: monkaS 4 admins and the leader online at the same time? UA alive again?
  • DerMaddin: well, but seems like just a break... and we must update server files asap...
  • AUBAMEYANG: next1 is dead. this will be our comeback
  • KRWLNG: Thanks, Maddin.
  • DerMaddin: Banlist and serverlist fixed.
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