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I am posting following about 6 hours of playing on the server #sd 2.

Admin "kkkk" having gotten into the game while I was engaged into a rant with player Tina about the fact that I often say "shit team" or whatever, has at one point called me cunt and in following games provoked me trying to get me to curse him (i.e swearing).

I asked him to stop chating to me as I am not interested in talking to him nor to break some rules.

I had some error however in saving the logs but I will post here next examples.

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Erstellt: 26.11.2017, 17:39 #2
Player Tina is actually admin Tina.
Just stop calling others shit when you're not the best as well.
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  • britney: Thank you!
  • DerMaddin: good idea. enabled from Protected Player rank on now.
  • britney: could you PLEASE remove !chat command, or make it work for admins only? Some moron spams it for the last 3 maps...
  • kingjr: Agree with stachu on Troxzy. Aside from the already dodgy kill he gets a tag on the scope at the wall afterwards while aiming at the car's right headlight (from the player's pov), that's way off target. I've also checked his GUID once before, months ago when he was playing under a different name, this is what came up FWIW https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-vie...
  • sshisui: check UA|1 gnater. possible rockat
  • stachu: and why would he leave immediately after that kill? He didn't finish the car guy, he knew he fucked big time.
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