Banned because your admin is bad

Erstellt: 26.01.2018, 21:30 #1
Was just banned by your admin because he doesnt like dieing and is really bad at the game and can not handle it when players are better then him.

This is clear admin abuse - please review your admins and their permissions


Please unban me.
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Erstellt: 27.01.2018, 10:55 #2
First you got kicked because you were camping, then you probably came back raging and insulting and you got a TB. It's only 24h last, so you'll be able to play tonight again
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Erstellt: 27.01.2018, 14:57 #3
Not at all, i was running about, if they dont like being killed they should play a different type of game.
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Erstellt: 27.01.2018, 20:10 #4
You got kicked 8 times for camping in total. Maybe it's time to question yourself first.
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  • jUZE: I thought Anna was the gf from L-king hahaha but Thanks for the unban, much appreciated
  • stachu: org key not cracked @_@ and I'm pretty sure You know what to do..
  • stachu: @DerMaddin @MoMoPwnTu from what I see he is unbanned. There wasn't any demo from Momo? If no, then why would You ban someone with cracked key without recording him, since You are an admin I'm pretty sure what You have to do..
  • jUZE: Bad behaviour? I am at a loss here 😅
  • AUBAMEYANG: and mega wtf is wrong with you?? you should stop flaming an admin after u got banned cus your aimbot went insane...
  • AUBAMEYANG: juze deserves a ban for his bad behaviour tbh
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