so I get banned by Ichigo;

Erstellt: 29.03.2018, 22:30 #11
Cracked keys have been unbanned in certain circumstances, so it can happen (I know some examples myself, unless miracles happened and their keys got unbanned lmao). As far as I remember it was just a "practical" measure seen as we'd get loooooooots of requests (and holy shit id fill up my HDD with demos) and a cracked key can match more than one player (especially the common keys). So I'm pretty sure it can technically be done but it's just a measure admins have taken years ago

Either ways if someone cares enough about a game to fill up the whole forum and shoutbox he might as well spend literally a few € and buy a damn key (as it should be for anyone who claims to have 'played competitively')
  • UP
  • Maddion
  • DerMaddin: if you are on steam, well you cant see since server is on 1.7 and client on 1.6. If you have a standalone and codx installed, there are two lists, the default showing codx servers only and the other showing "legacy" servers where our servers reside in.
  • KRWLNG: And I don't see any servers on the ingame list in order to play on UA servers. Would it be possible to switch the servers to the downgraded steam version?
  • stachu: I'm pretty sure most of the people just search servers in game, they don't have it saved as favoruite. They just want to play on the most populated server, but You simply can't see any of UA servers in the in game browser, or it's just me, dunno.
  • ProXicT: If you want to have a discussion about this, then you should act fast while it is still viable. You should contact the people, you are the leader of the server
  • DerMaddin: Ya, of course, I understand this. And appreciated your contribution. we will need to go for some organisational upgrades, ofc...
  • ProXicT: Well, I was trying to help at least one year ago, but the ignorance has discouraged me. I would really like to help keep this server running, but to help I need someone to communicate the ideas with. I cannot do much without it.
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