so I get banned by Ichigo;

Erstellt: 29.03.2018, 22:30 #11
Cracked keys have been unbanned in certain circumstances, so it can happen (I know some examples myself, unless miracles happened and their keys got unbanned lmao). As far as I remember it was just a "practical" measure seen as we'd get loooooooots of requests (and holy shit id fill up my HDD with demos) and a cracked key can match more than one player (especially the common keys). So I'm pretty sure it can technically be done but it's just a measure admins have taken years ago

Either ways if someone cares enough about a game to fill up the whole forum and shoutbox he might as well spend literally a few € and buy a damn key (as it should be for anyone who claims to have 'played competitively')
  • UP
  • Maddion
  • DerMaddin: thx for the hint
  • z1nkARY': unbanrequest doesnt work for me,I enter my guide and then it says that this (banished) guide does not exist
  • z1nkARY': admin lefi banned me from UA
  • z1nkARY': hi
  • KRWLNG: Thx ma boi.
  • ratcheT: KRWLNG u did a good job lol
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