Unban BT#1 please

Erstellt: 09.06.2019, 16:17 #11
I'm sorry I said my age. I honestly don't speak English well, in fact I use the translator and unfortunately I don't understand everything at stake.
Moreover, due to the fact of the delays, I think I have solved putting the fiber and I believe that I have no more fixes.
in game I do nothing but laugh, if laughing is annoying then I don't know what is fun in the game.
However, if you feel it right that you don't let me play on your servers anymore, then it means I delete them from the favorites list.
If you kindly let me know so I'll keep you informed.
Thank you
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Erstellt: 09.06.2019, 16:42 #12
If you changed your ISP, or your ISP connected you via a fibre connection instead of WiFi, then it's possible that you're not lagging anymore. In such case, there would be no reason to kick/ban you for your lags.

In my previous message, I didn't say anything about laughing being annoying. Feel free to laugh on this server as much as you like, if it's not close to spam.

You got banned for bypassing your ban, I think this ban is not going to be removed, but you can play here with a cracked key if you really don't have lags anymore.
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Erstellt: 09.06.2019, 16:50 #13
I can play without delay and I usually ping 40/45. I reinserted the original clear. If you manage to open my GUID b84dd3a3, every time I play I make the demo, at least so you can see that I play just for fun.
To make good
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Erstellt: 09.06.2019, 19:52 #14
Ping doesn't determine lags. You are tearing, that means your ping is unstable, not that it's high. Demo doesn't show anything regarding tearing.
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Erstellt: 09.06.2019, 22:22 #15
The demo is used to show that I don't use tricks. Until today I have no longer lagged, in fact they banned me again for the alleged tricks, which I obviously don't use.
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Erstellt: 09.06.2019, 22:37 #16
I would not like to be repetitive, but given my past, when I was lagging, I was banned 2 original keys, at least one key removed the bann. So I can prove that I no longer lagging and at the same time I do demos for further proof that I don't use tricks.
If I come back with the cracked key, there will always be an admin that bans me either for a reason or another like you're doing now.
If others say I use tricks it doesn't mean it's true, ask me for proof.
I don't want to sound presumptuous but often we understand where the enemy is through sound.
I use different nicknames, nicknames I used when I played in the clan and they are: Mr_LoL, Upi [R], .B0T # 1, Kylu4. These are the nicknames I use, not others.
Tell me.
Good evening
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Erstellt: 10.06.2019, 18:05 #17
Oh, yeah, now I remember, Mr_LOL! I banned you with this nickname, you were obviously walling You couldn't have made it more blatant ;D

It wasn't that long ago when I banned you and I remember very well that you were lagging. That makes it two reasons to keep you banned - one for cheats, the other one for chronic lags.

So, I think any further discussion is not necessary. The verdict from me is, find another server where you'll be teleporting (due to your lags) and cheating.
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Erstellt: 10.06.2019, 22:44 #18
But seriously you say?
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Erstellt: 11.06.2019, 22:06 #19
Yes, I am serious. I might even have you recorded in one of my many demos, but now I am not really in the mood of searching through ~500 demos. But I remember it was on citystreets
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  • Maddion
  • AUBAMEYANG: Or this one...already a classic:D "Confess it, AUBA, my game is honest" (c) RELAX BERG
  • AUBAMEYANG: Damn so many new berg quotes...one better than the other. Thanks for that berg. My new fav is "Work hard all day. Be exhausted. Go to server and get ban again" (c) RELAX BERG
  • BERGSON: Confess it, AUBA, my game is honest and bans were not correct =)
  • BERGSON: And? That was just kick voting. However you're the one who temp banned me due to nothing.
  • AUBAMEYANG: It wasnt me who started the vote bro...it was ur own teammate:D
  • BERGSON: You wrote in the chat that I was obv and I used preaim. However in the demo clearly shows that first I saw you and only then I started to move the gun sight. It proves you are just 1) windbag 2) whiner.and 3) paranoid =) After even my kill you always whine "You are obv! You are using preaim!"
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