GayriMuslim Roccat & Wh (video)

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Here You have report thread forum/topic/id/7356/page/7, so You don't have to create new one for each suspected player.
Also if You are in game, and You see a cheater, You can report him in a shoutbox, so if there is any active admin, he can ban him right away. Good job anyway.
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ok, i just didn't know about special thread for reporting, i will do this there next time, can u pls check my application in ta application thread @stachu?
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I did see it, but im not the one who's responsible for it, You will have to wait for Lian response if he is still around, or DerMaddin. I might be wrong but I saw somewhere that we are not looking for new TA's at the moment.
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  • Maddion
  • DerMaddin: thx for the hint
  • z1nkARY': unbanrequest doesnt work for me,I enter my guide and then it says that this (banished) guide does not exist
  • z1nkARY': admin lefi banned me from UA
  • z1nkARY': hi
  • KRWLNG: Thx ma boi.
  • ratcheT: KRWLNG u did a good job lol
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