unban request

Erstellt: 08.09.2018, 21:32 #1
Hey,so Today when I joined the server,I was playing there like 5 rounds (the game was going good) and then I was the last,my pc got a peak,and I lagged,but at the same time I killed a player (manu).
He said "aimbot" after the kill(he hadnt enought time to look KC),Literally admin followed manu's word's and banned me instantly he didn't even spec me or something!
If the Admin have a demo,can he show us the demo please + the admin wasn't at my Team and he banned me instantly (after manu's words)
Those thing's aren't fair at all...

My english is not the best,my apologizes!
Feel free to ask me something!
Sorry the Inconvenience and Sorry if I posted at the wrong place.

Name: Peter :>
GUID: 05827e00 ( cracked but I wan't all of this clear...)
Banned by: LEFI
Reason: Supposed aimlock (at strike I jumped coff, started shooting manu (he was front cof) lagged middle and somehow killed him....)

Best of luck
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Erstellt: 08.09.2018, 22:24 #2
Cracked keys usually don't get unbanned.
LEFI is an experienced admin who didn't base his ban on something that another player said.
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Erstellt: 08.09.2018, 22:32 #3
Hey Peter, I banned you. You were clearly using some sort of aim assisting mechanic meaning you locked onto your targets. I was on your team and had been killspeccing you for a few rounds. I did not base it of everyones not only manu's reaction to his death.
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Erstellt: 08.09.2018, 22:47 #4
@sweede the thing is, I wasn't using nothing, I don't know how can I proove it.. that's why I came here do a Unban request ...
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Erstellt: 08.09.2018, 23:37 #5
If you play with an Original Key, we have to provide proof with demos. But since you were using a cracked key, there is no case.
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Erstellt: 09.09.2018, 13:22 #6
I was on the server too and Peter killed me one round before he got banned. His aimbot was really obvious in the killcam. LEFI didnt ban him cus this Manu guy said "aimbot", he was spectating him. It's funny to ask for an unban with such an obvious aimbot.
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  • AUBAMEYANG: Or this one...already a classic:D "Confess it, AUBA, my game is honest" (c) RELAX BERG
  • AUBAMEYANG: Damn so many new berg quotes...one better than the other. Thanks for that berg. My new fav is "Work hard all day. Be exhausted. Go to server and get ban again" (c) RELAX BERG
  • BERGSON: Confess it, AUBA, my game is honest and bans were not correct =)
  • BERGSON: And? That was just kick voting. However you're the one who temp banned me due to nothing.
  • AUBAMEYANG: It wasnt me who started the vote bro...it was ur own teammate:D
  • BERGSON: You wrote in the chat that I was obv and I used preaim. However in the demo clearly shows that first I saw you and only then I started to move the gun sight. It proves you are just 1) windbag 2) whiner.and 3) paranoid =) After even my kill you always whine "You are obv! You are using preaim!"
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