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mein ingame name ist woutYE und wollte fragen ob ein cod4 admin on ist um nadorix zu bannen. er hängt am sd1 rum mit aimbot

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Danke für die Mitteilung. Ist uns ein bekannter Cheater und wird weiterhin gebannt
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: Thank you!
  • DerMaddin: ok, done for SD1 and SD2.
  • ProXicT: I agree with stachu, Winter Crash should be taken away from the map rotation.
  • stachu: Also some people are reporting in game that they are "banned" on one server, it's probably a bug which kicks them, happend before If I remember correctly, did someone report it to You @DerMaddin?
  • stachu: Can we already get rid of winter crash? people often leave, or vote for other map, and it fucks up map rotation, and sometimes backlot is twice in a row(dunno if it's bug).
  • ProXicT: Get your shit right before you type, first you say that everyone knew it was you, now you say that you actually didn't want anyone to know, hence you changed your nick. Nobody is banning you for playing bad or playing good, admins ban you for cheats which you are sometimes using. And you are making it pretty obvious when you do. It isn't just a coincidence that even though nobody knew it was you in the first place, you got banned, right? Also, I was spectating you at one point and since then you were really careful not to cheat when I was there. You were either leaving or your score was suddenly dropping, again just a coincidence?
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