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Erstellt: 22.11.2018, 17:53 #2
He's clean.
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Erstellt: 23.11.2018, 11:46 #3
Thought You recorded the situation when You started spamming "haha", there's nothing in this one.

Is he, lefi?
https://streamable.com/ltjua (there was a longer version from Maddin's stream, but the video is deleted or something) - www.twitch.tv/videos/329359948?t=04m46s
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Erstellt: 22.11.2018, 22:33 #4
He isn't clean, Lefi.
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Erstellt: 22.11.2018, 23:59 #5
I like it when sm1 kills him and he starts the insults..proves how immature his brain is..
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Erstellt: 23.11.2018, 11:01 #6
Indeed. He behaves like a faggot, always flaming ppl when he gets killed. Also lying about other players. Not sure about cheating tho...
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Erstellt: 24.11.2018, 10:28 #7
never liked anyone of the wAsd squad but i doubt juze is cheating.
imo he just took over petars spawn camping skills and prefires a lot on common spots.
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Erstellt: 24.11.2018, 13:30 #8
"and prefires a lot on common spots" do these two clips above are common spots? deep into a round randomly prefires such spots.. yep totally common one
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Erstellt: 24.11.2018, 15:56 #9
Pali, watch the Crash clip again with my remarks:
I silently walked from A house into blue and went underneath the blue house stairs. I waited there. That is far from being a common spot to prefire with a scope from B short.
This dude has a KD of >2 by just playing scope 95% of the time. He takes single shots with a weird precision regarding knowledge and wallbangs.

After the Crash clip from above happened, I personally haven't seen him since. He probably knew he fucked up hard with that one.
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Erstellt: 25.11.2018, 13:37 #10
I'm going to be biased in this manner as me and Juze go way back. We've played in teams together and played against each other a countless ammount of times. We were admins together on Cybergamer if you roll back the year to 2014. He's been proven on lans multiple times. List goes on to why I am biased in this question if he's cheating or not.

He's great at reading the game and always has been, plays a very tidy and calculated style, hence why he makes little to only small mistakes. One might refer to it as beeing keen others feel it's the exitfragging approach to the game.

His attitude can stink to some people but I've got to throw it right back to multiple admins on here who talks way too much shit openly to players on the servers who we havn't found cheating yet.

He's not cheating, just a decent player.
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  • BERGSON: Sry for spam, correct link https://ibb.co/R7K2nNz
  • BERGSON: Second link for previous message https://imgbb.com/R7K2nNz
  • BERGSON: "from 98-120 or higher all the time" is not true. My normal ping usually equals 100. However it may increase (for examle, to 105) during start time before new round as well as most players. But in game my ping is stable, but sometimes he may changes +-5 as well as most players. For example, check ping for the following players: https://ibb.co/DLvpqQ0 : swiss 28, VAMPIRE 99, FrazeTee 42, Pat Solitano 50 https://ibb.co/R7K2nNz: swiss 23, VAMPIRE 94, FrazeTee 45, Pat Solitano 43 There is no fair reason for kick and tempban.
  • AUBAMEYANG: ur ping was going from 98-120 or higher all the time...u were lagging af and other players realised it too....wcyd
  • BERGSON: Is it correct?
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