Erstellt: 25.11.2018, 20:37 #11
Still not convinced, sorry Lefi.
There's a difference between reading the game and for example jumping around corners while shooting with AK/AKU because you anticipated opponents there and the way Juze 'reads' the game and then just takes one shot out of nowhere straight onto people behind walls.

I repeat: Might be a coincidence but I personally haven't seen him since that Crash clip. It was way too shady.

(I spare you my remarks regarding things that happened in CG and past 2010 )
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Erstellt: 13.12.2018, 16:44 #12
So I will weigh into this myself if I may.

For stachu's youtube video:

It is a common spot to check, when I jumped away from square to check it I saw the top of his model (red hat) that is why you see me adjusting my aim.
Since you do not have the same settings as me I can't spot it on your youtube video. Nor do I record pub

As for KRWLNG and his crash shot.

I knew you were blue, I went down B long, checked if you pushed me from spawn or broken.
Shot once just for fun and killed you, I was really surprised myself.
Since you have made up your mind about me cheating you can't possible consider that I just got lucky with my shot.

As for AUBA, maybe I mixed you with some other dude with a similar name from back in the day :>

As for me flaming, if it is so annoying I will try and keep it to myself instead of ingame.

And pali, just no comment. Maybe I do camp spawn alot and just prefire stuff but that is my style. Not really stolen from petAR

Also take into account I have played on UA for years and as the scene grows smaller and smaller you will encounter the same players so eventually you will know how they play.

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Erstellt: 13.12.2018, 18:44 #13
"As for KRWLNG and his crash shot.

I knew you were blue,"

Interesting. Since I didn't shoot or show myself while crouching from A house to blue bottom where I sat under the stairs. It's also not very common for me to do that on defence.
Why don't you upload an ingame screenshot with your funny settings then (red hat)?
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Erstellt: 14.12.2018, 00:16 #14
Sadly maddin does not have the entire clip but an smg pushes blue from b long or arches. I missed him and saw him go blue and you killed someone shortly after.

Since you claim you crouched from A then I think that the shot is even luckier.

As for my settings, I cba to reproduce the shot tbh.
Fact is, everyone has different settings both game and driver settings and they impact what you see.

Sweede might remember something similar with Katana and sukramze on backlot.
Katana clearly saw him in the edge of the smoke, sukramze saw nothing when he checked the demo.

I believe the strike clip is of a similar nature.

I will just keep playing and you can assume all you want.
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Erstellt: 14.12.2018, 03:40 #15
I don't need to assume anything. I'm sure you aren't clean. You basically even admitted that by talking about your 'settings' which most likely weren't legal back in the days when the game was still competitive. But hey - you haven't even been around at that time.

Oh and I repeat: I didn't shoot while and after crouching from A house into blue house. I just sat there. Under the stairs. Until a little cheater came by and killed me with a single bullet from B short.
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Erstellt: 14.12.2018, 10:16 #16
"clearly saw him in the edge of the smoke, sukramze saw nothing when he checked the demo.
I believe the strike clip is of a similar nature."

Not like I don't agree with You seeing pzky's head, but smokes which are different for every client on the server =/= some settings which allow You to see more on the edges of the walls(?) or You just play on some big resolution with nose in the screen :v .
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(old nick on web: cod4xisajoke)
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Erstellt: 14.12.2018, 19:31 #17
I like TA admins discussing about killcams when they don't have full demo for an objective assessment. Record and share at least one full demo and we will see he is hacker or not.
But it's better if players will record their own game for defence.
I got angry with some moments when I played vs him. And I would want to see his demo. However that may be luck or good timing.
I played vs him on cg and he is clean. I trust him.
But I would watch a full demo for greater trust)
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Erstellt: 14.12.2018, 19:49 #18
"I played vs him on cg and he is clean. I trust him."

Case closed, Berg played against him and trusts him.
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Erstellt: 14.12.2018, 19:57 #19
That is not my final opinion) Need full demo for it.
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: Thank you!
  • DerMaddin: ok, done for SD1 and SD2.
  • ProXicT: I agree with stachu, Winter Crash should be taken away from the map rotation.
  • stachu: Also some people are reporting in game that they are "banned" on one server, it's probably a bug which kicks them, happend before If I remember correctly, did someone report it to You @DerMaddin?
  • stachu: Can we already get rid of winter crash? people often leave, or vote for other map, and it fucks up map rotation, and sometimes backlot is twice in a row(dunno if it's bug).
  • ProXicT: Get your shit right before you type, first you say that everyone knew it was you, now you say that you actually didn't want anyone to know, hence you changed your nick. Nobody is banning you for playing bad or playing good, admins ban you for cheats which you are sometimes using. And you are making it pretty obvious when you do. It isn't just a coincidence that even though nobody knew it was you in the first place, you got banned, right? Also, I was spectating you at one point and since then you were really careful not to cheat when I was there. You were either leaving or your score was suddenly dropping, again just a coincidence?
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