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Still not convinced, sorry Lefi.
There's a difference between reading the game and for example jumping around corners while shooting with AK/AKU because you anticipated opponents there and the way Juze 'reads' the game and then just takes one shot out of nowhere straight onto people behind walls.

I repeat: Might be a coincidence but I personally haven't seen him since that Crash clip. It was way too shady.

(I spare you my remarks regarding things that happened in CG and past 2010 )
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  • UP
  • Maddion
  • pzkY: works like this, too, for those who want it
  • pzkY: https://www.gametracker.com/se...
  • pzkY: Gametracker UA-Clan doesn't exist anymore, does anyone know why?
  • sshisui: hannes probably WH snd 1
  • ProXicT: The demo based on which I banned you is here: nextcloud.proxict.com/index.php/s/DQzcPTtEoz5dTnR It's a bit lengthy, since it is a recording of my play, but there is a segment dedicated to you only.
  • ProXicT: Sorry, my mistake, the first key I banned was original, then you kept coming with cracked key and still with your cheats and sometimes you weren't even trying to hide it.
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