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Hey zoeyyyy

1. I can hear the Guy push rathole as I was in bottom mid , that is why I aim at rathole
2. I can hear you running mid and I turn to the left to localize where the sound is coming from.
Me ducking + turning = weird Floor aim

But please do upload more random clips ??
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Erstellt: 19.10.2019, 00:20 #22
Ad the demo from strike that stachu posted - I've seen the entire demo of this kill and juze saw pzky earlier. The demo was available somewhere on UA, maybe even in one of the demos that BERG has posted.

Ad the clip from zooeystAr - You've made an audible step on the midhouse entrance. You missed the silent thus juze could have heard you.
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Thanks for answering. I didnt write before any longer story because my english is little poor. I try get my point more clear now. That is true he hear me from bottom mid. Did he hear my teammate from right side im not sure. But as u see on video on slomotion he did wallfollowing pretty clearly both me and my teammate. Same killcam two wallfollow.. Pretty strange coincidence.. Second Thing is this player is very toxic like someone did wrote already. Everytime he did killed he have to write something shit.

"But please do upload more random clips ??" @juze

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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 21:30 #24
In CoD4, you can pin-point players behind walls with a great amount of accuracy, so sure it can look like he has a WH when, in fact, he's just using his sound.

I don't want to say that juze is either cheating or clean, what I will say is that I believe he's clean. There were many occasions where I had my doubts, but that could be the case for everyone. Also, even when often there are some situations which even the player himself can't explain, it could be just added to luck, some strange thought process at the time of playing or even a good game sense. And I really believe that juze's game-sense is very good, hence I also believe he's clean.

That's just my two cents.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 23:13 #25

im watching this player already some 3 years now. Already next1 servers. And things i saw. Juze without admins on server, score 40-5. And admins server or someone spectator hes score like 8-8. And then he leave like tonight, when admin was spectator.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 23:23 #26
juze u can say what u want. But i can say tonight u was server couple rounds and starting trolling me. Then u leave ofc, because u saw some player/admin are spectators. Like u always do. I do that before on next1 servers and always ur skills go down or u leave So embarassing kid.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 23:33 #27
And Proxzz can u upload ur demo again. i like watch it too. Link was dead.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 23:34 #28
I think it is usual moment.
1) juze heard him
2) juze could turn for left spot check and for trying to heard position more exact using noise if player suddendly do it
3) juze checks left side, there was no player and then just waited zooeystAr's movement from c1. Especially considering that zooeystAr was moving without pauses.

However as I said it in the past, any player must upload demo if admin want it. That is my ideal world) I hope juze records his game)
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Erstellt: 21.10.2019, 00:32 #29
As i see. berg didnt get my point. Watch for slowmotion how this guy wallfollowing straight on me trough floor. Before he do same on my teammate on right side. Look the box and where this guy is aiming. So obv wallfollow.
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Erstellt: 21.10.2019, 00:57 #30
I think it is coincidence. You can find a lot of such moments in game of any player who is on a top of stat list. Anyway from my standpoint we need full demo for analysis and conclusions.
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