Erstellt: 21.10.2019, 01:16 #31
Ofc i have full demo and as i say just ask and i can upload it somewhere.

there s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=19875722112148850590
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Erstellt: 21.10.2019, 15:22 #32
KRWLNG's clip was way more blatant but occasional. The explanation to you, zooeystAr, says enough tbh. Even watching demo there's no point to prove he cheats, he clearly heard you running in bottom mid, ''the wallfollow'' is just caused by crosshair placement.
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Erstellt: 21.10.2019, 18:35 #33
juze u can say what u want. But i can say tonight u was server couple rounds and starting trolling me. Then u leave ofc, because u saw some player/admin are spectators. Like u always do. I do that before on next1 servers and always ur skills go down or u leave So embarassing kid.

I trolled you cause I think these ‘obv’ clips are stupid.
And the fact that you think I left because of an admin spectating or players is hilarious.

I left because my cod4 pug started and I had to join a different server.

And as for my ‘drop’ in skill, we all have good maps and bad maps and I also need to warm up my gameplay so that is also an explanation
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Erstellt: 26.10.2019, 01:02 #34
BlaBlaBla kid. At first, try stop insulting and cry every time you someone killed you. Second, ill be watching you my own and fakenicks when you are server. Becareful.

And i get new nice bind "But please do upload more random clips ??" @ juzekid

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Erstellt: 26.10.2019, 13:44 #35
@zooeystAr You're behaving rather childish. Can you please stop insulting the others for no particular reason?
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Erstellt: 03.11.2019, 22:46 #36
ProXict i dont mean insulting no one. I am maybe little frustrating because im watch this guy couple years. Thats true that 1 demo can be just coincidense. And ProXicT, watch more juze's behaving on server than me on forums, thx. Im played for years on your servers and gstats says im on 80. That maybe tell something. Now we just wait BERGSON opinion.
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: And don't worry, despite all the strong words from other players and also some admins, I've never actually suspected you from cheating
  • ProXicT: Oh, yes. Well, in my killcam, which I'm sure I still have some recording of, it looked more like if you were shooting at taine and killed me. But I'm also sure your 140ms ping have played a huge role in that.
  • Ghjj.: Wanted to show you how “remotely far” it was.
  • ProXicT: What should we see in these two vids, Ghjj?
  • Ghjj.:
  • Ghjj.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
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