troll ban???

Erstellt: 16.01.2019, 13:02 #1

I just got banned from the promod SD1 server, gid: d90f8e3f (and automaticlly from all promods 2 and 3)
by an admin called KRWLNG for Multihack, I can't belive what just happened, I only logged in played for about 2-3 minutes and bang I'm banned for that reason, never hacked in my life and playing the game since 08'. Also, I am a member for the former GuM clan (Grand United Military) we had dosen cod4 servers hosted in EU and US.

Admins, please deliver some evidence or demo when u banned me, this is nonsense...
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Erstellt: 16.01.2019, 20:18 #2
It was an accident. Meant to ban another player, sorry. You're unbanned already.
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  • BERGSON: Sry for spam, correct link
  • BERGSON: Second link for previous message
  • BERGSON: "from 98-120 or higher all the time" is not true. My normal ping usually equals 100. However it may increase (for examle, to 105) during start time before new round as well as most players. But in game my ping is stable, but sometimes he may changes +-5 as well as most players. For example, check ping for the following players: : swiss 28, VAMPIRE 99, FrazeTee 42, Pat Solitano 50 swiss 23, VAMPIRE 94, FrazeTee 45, Pat Solitano 43 There is no fair reason for kick and tempban.
  • AUBAMEYANG: ur ping was going from 98-120 or higher all the time...u were lagging af and other players realised it too....wcyd
  • BERGSON: Is it correct?
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