Banned for no reason?

Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 13:42 #1
GUID: 198955e7. Been playing for a long time. Pretty well known in the server and friends with lots of regulars and some admins.

Started playing again seriously since October. Never so much as a kick or ban.

Today was afking on my phone for most of the game anyways and got hit with wallhack ban?!? Actually during the time I was online, me and a teammate were suspecting another player to wallhack ... so I'm not sure if this was a mistake.

Just honestly curious which shot/action that I did led to a ban for wallhack..I had a terrible score as well during the game..

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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 14:25 #2
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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 14:13 #3
You have been shady as fuck the entire time, swiss. Plus, you have been acting in the most cocky way possible by calling almost everyone low after they killed you.
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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 14:24 #4
Did you mean to post a demo instead of a link back to this page?

Look, yeah, I admit to being cocky - but it's just my play style - I try to keep it fun. I mean a kick or a temp-ban would be more suitable for being cocky if its that big of a problem.

Shady on the other hand? Isn't that what demos are for? Besides, whats shady is that when I come to appeal and sort by perm-bans, I see that they are handed out relatively sparingly ... and today theres two perm bans within ~20 minutes of each other. And the server was not even close to being full.

Look - obviously its your server guys and you decide who plays on it. But I enjoy your company and also I'd like to think most people enjoy mine. It sucks being banned for pretty much being afk on my phone...hope you reconsider.

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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 14:26 #5
Fixed the link
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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 14:29 #6
Is that what caused my ban? There was no smoke, and people run there every round. I see you.
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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 14:32 #7
Yes, aiming once through wall directly on me and reacting to me peeking, before I'm even visible has nothing to do with smoke. I'm quite surprised that you realized that as well.
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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 14:38 #8
Didn't aim through wall - peeking house/car given how the other rounds were being played by your team. There was only 2-3 people on your team so if there weren't there - they would be crossing. And you weren't peaking - you jumped right into my view.

Look I'm not arguing. I'm just saying that an isolated incident like that (that I personally don't even find suspicious) considering I did the same thing each round isn't fair in my view to get a ban. I've literally reviewed other threads in this forum for fun with way more suspect shots.
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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 14:52 #9
I'd be able to accept that it was random with the wallaim alone, you could argue that you were just preaiming cafe. The reaction before I was even visible combined with the wallaim though? No, the chances that this was pure coincidence are just too slim.
I'm sorry, since I'm normally no guy to ban from just one killcam, but this one was just too much for me.
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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 14:53 #10
Your quickzoom wasn't even close to peeking house/car. It was directly on pzky through a couple of walls.
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