Banned for no reason?

Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 15:04 #11
I scanned the front of the house and then I quickzoomed the dark corner where the broken table lies, then I was moving onto car before I noticed pzky. This is my playstyle, not a wallhack.

Off one killcam, you judge a wallhack? I did the same thing every other round. A demo or at least more than just 1 killcam shot which shows potential wall-peaking or whatever I would understand... but this? Really?
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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 15:22 #12
Yea, it's pretty slim for to prove much, I admit that I was acting way too fast. There is no use in further discussing, too
The last decision lies with maddin anyway and if you're truly clean and it was just coincidence, then I'm very sorry for that inconvenience and fast action-taking.
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Erstellt: 02.03.2019, 15:39 #13
Thanks - I appreciate your words.
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Erstellt: 14.11.2019, 02:43 #14
this guy not deserve to be admin. He is only different names trolling on servers.

THX - zooeystAr
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  • Maddion
  • Ghjj.: You are totally right @ProXicT
  • Ghjj.: regarding -5 S I L
  • Ghjj.: Marko Markovic aimbot SD1
  • Ahmed: ban he's mother..
  • Ghjj.: lord gayben aimbot SD1
  • zooeystAr: or put wh off`??
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