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I was behind him as you can hear and see on kill cam (i shot him once), even tho he was shooting in front he managed to kill me.
Obvious roccat. Sorry for short demo but he left soon after.
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  • Maddion
  • AUBAMEYANG: Or this one...already a classic:D "Confess it, AUBA, my game is honest" (c) RELAX BERG
  • AUBAMEYANG: Damn so many new berg quotes...one better than the other. Thanks for that berg. My new fav is "Work hard all day. Be exhausted. Go to server and get ban again" (c) RELAX BERG
  • BERGSON: Confess it, AUBA, my game is honest and bans were not correct =)
  • BERGSON: And? That was just kick voting. However you're the one who temp banned me due to nothing.
  • AUBAMEYANG: It wasnt me who started the vote bro...it was ur own teammate:D
  • BERGSON: You wrote in the chat that I was obv and I used preaim. However in the demo clearly shows that first I saw you and only then I started to move the gun sight. It proves you are just 1) windbag 2) whiner.and 3) paranoid =) After even my kill you always whine "You are obv! You are using preaim!"
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