Erstellt: 01.04.2019, 21:43 #1
i never hacked im playing here for 4-5 weeks. mostly my score is negative, today i played n got banned for nothing.. i was playing normal smg rush. show me proof that i cheated, reason was wh. wtf is admin thinking about ?! i play with my friends rye,prox. go ask about me in server, you will know im clean.

admin who ban me was - SPLBRG

i request you take action on this matter.ty
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Erstellt: 01.04.2019, 23:56 #2
No need to open a thread for it. You can appeal your ban here. Can't look up if your guid is cracked or original, but if it was cracked you don't need to bother to appeal the ban, as cracked keys won't get unbanned in almost any cases.
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Erstellt: 02.04.2019, 00:08 #3
I can confirm I was playing with this guy and at least at the time I was there, he was playing perfectly fine.
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Erstellt: 02.04.2019, 11:16 #4
@Proxit thanks a lot mate. I appreciate you taking time for helping me on this issue.

@pzky if ur referring to unban request tool, it isn't working for me.i get http 500 error. I tried multiple times.

Yes my game is cracked but the key isnt the random. I have unique key. Pls work on my unban request.
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Erstellt: 02.04.2019, 11:25 #5
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Erstellt: 02.04.2019, 12:07 #6
Played with him since 5 years (and some months), never found him suspicious. And what he says it's true, his k/d is almost barely positive. Never thought this would have happened here, but before I speak further I'd like to see some demos if there are any.
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Erstellt: 02.04.2019, 13:45 #7
I wonder where these concept of unfair treatment on cracked players originate. Well in my case its a bit different game key is unique but cracked. If admins want to prevent hackers this isnt working well coz people cheat bad and still not punished regardless of original or cracked game.

Since this is about my case, i expect a unban immediately & if required u may ask for moss/fraps/bandicam from now on. I hope you are familiar with those anticheat.

And yea recording isn't gonna hurt for any suspect whether original or cracked.

Player base is down everyday with increasing hackers,if you want to keep alive u may want to take note of this feedback.

I request support +vote.
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Erstellt: 02.04.2019, 15:18 #8
There is nothing unfair about it.
Whether or not you actually cheated, you didn't pay for the game. So if a cracked key gets banned, he could return immediately with a new cracked key without paying anything again.

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Erstellt: 02.04.2019, 15:39 #9
it is unfair when u ban a player who is clean and simply reasoning him on cracked game. when u dont want retain value to ur server, god only knows what ur planning for.
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Erstellt: 02.04.2019, 18:50 #10
Well, the admin didn't ban you for having a cracked key. He probably banned you because he thought you were cheating.
If other veteran players and admins think you're clean, it's up to the head admin to unban you.
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