Erstellt: 02.04.2019, 19:30 #11
im waiting for such a response, cant seem to find them maybe they are busy.
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Erstellt: 02.04.2019, 23:51 #12
KRWLNG, are you even serious?! Basically, what you are saying is that no matter if he was actually cheating, he has a cracked key anyway and therefore there is nothing unfair about him getting banned? That is just ridiculous.
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Erstellt: 03.04.2019, 10:54 #13
He called it unfair that we don't have to record demos of cracked keys and once they got banned they don't get unbanned in 99% of cases.

But I'm not surprised you failed yet another time a reading and understanding. I even said that it's up to the head admin now whether he wants to take the opinions of veteran players and admins into consideration regarding an unban.
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Erstellt: 03.04.2019, 14:22 #14
I say Proxit knows to read & understand that's why he supports for fair treatment.

Hope master admin turns his attention here soon.

@KRWLG your silly insults isn't working coz you're the odd one out.
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Erstellt: 03.04.2019, 16:48 #15
I love kids with cracked keys and broken English.

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Erstellt: 03.04.2019, 22:43 #16
I was on the server too when Wansi banned him. A few kills were rlly strange but i didnt spectate him so i cant say if he's legit or not. Let's wait for Wansi. But cracked keys wont get unbanned anyway...just buy an org key dude
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Erstellt: 03.04.2019, 23:46 #17
Be careful, Auba. Otherwise you will attract Proxict's rage as well.
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 15:33 #18
KRWLNG, I am sorry to say that, but you are the one who misunderstood something again. What he meant by "unfair cracked keys treatment" was that some admins, like you, and fortunately there aren't many like this, ban without any real reason whatsoever. You told me several times that if you find someone suspicious, playing with a cracked key, you just ban him because he can always come back with a new one. This logic I just cannot understand. This is what @arvindtal was trying to point out.

You always think how flawless you are, maybe try searching flaws in yourself first rather than in the others. Your life might become a bit easier to live
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 16:00 #19
@proxit +1 well said !!
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 18:12 #20
What @KRWLNG said is anyways correct. As soon as someone has a cracked key, he won't get unbanned. There is no reason to do so. We won't block cracked keys, since there is no benefit for us to do so, since we would kill our playerbase, but we will not provide any support concerning unban requests aswell.
iMarkus, Server Administrator and Trusted Admin Manager
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  • Maddion
  • Nadorix: Dead server hochhalten #lost
  • Nadorix: Ihr spasten könnt nicht mal eure Server protecten, noch schlimmer - nicht mal vernünftigbannen, solche Leute wie euch findet man in Games öfters die admins sind und ein iq von 15 haben. Denn hat der strick geholfen 👌🏻
  • Nadorix: Keine Bildung, als Programmierer reichts für eure Mindestlohn Jobs alle male
  • iMarkus: So isses.
  • KRWLNG: Ist einfach unterhaltsam, solche minderbemittelten Kids wie Nadorix zu beobachten. Keinerlei Bildung, keinerlei finanzielle Mittel, aber online auf dicke Hose machen. Ist wie ein Unfall - man kann nicht wegschauen.
  • Nadorix: Mit deinem 100er IQ lohnt es sich eh nicht zu schreiben, Checkst sowieso nix
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