Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 18:45 #21
@iMarkus Right, nothing against that... What I am against is this unfair attitude where admins ban for "it's a cracked key and I don't like the guy" reason.

But on the other hand, it wouldn't be the first time that some cracked key was unbanned.
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 18:56 #22
i really dont know what to say but this is worst thing that happened to good/clean players. unfairness to the maximum level here.
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 21:02 #23
I said that if I am already sure after one single killcam that some new cracked key with less than 2-3hrs playtime is cheating, I ban him right away. And I am by far not the only admin doing it that way.
Huge difference from the lies you keep spreading about me.
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 21:14 #24
im playing in UA for 2-3 weeks. per day i spend 4hrs with friends on ur server, how can it be 2-3 hrs playtime. do the math perhaps a calculator will help you. 2weeksx7=14*4hrs=56hrs (i.e). i hv no need to spread lies, people get know about something when its incredibly shit.
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 21:29 #25
its better to put an END to this topic here. clearly nothing has been done to solve, so BYE.
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 22:12 #26
I responded to Proxict.

I didn't even ban you so why did you think I was talking about you? Jesus, no surprise you're using a cracked key.

You could easily solve this: Buy an original key.
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 22:51 #27
maybe using @person might be much simpler, afterall a original key user/admin like you should know it. even then u dont ban a new player with 1 killcam & cracked key. whatif hes just found this server or invited by a friend who plays regularly. well anyways its no point to hang on to this topic for me.cya.

'ITS ALL IN THE MIND' not by original/cracked key. corrupted people cheat.

CLOSE THIS THREAD !! thanks for the few who supported me.
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 22:50 #28
bb bro go and buy an org key;)
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 22:54 #29
Please stop saying BYE and cya. Just go. Don't make it harder than it needs to be.
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Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 23:58 #30
Don't be stupid, it might make you famous. @KRWLNG
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: Hey man
  • stonedjEHH.<3: Hi @ all
  • Padawan:DDD: Hey Maddin , könnte man mich wieder hochstufen auf Admin , da mir alles weggenommen wurde ;(
  • ProXicT: Nice to see you back, stachu!
  • stachu: woulnd't call that a problem, just life happend, hi btw
  • AUBAMEYANG: just playing with him...had some rl trouble...
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