Erstellt: 04.04.2019, 23:09 #31
I will miss you, my love.
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Erstellt: 10.04.2019, 21:40 #32
hi m8,

i am the guy who banned u .

like auba had sayed, there where some obv kills u made.
the clip i uploaded is the most noticeable, therefor i recorded it.

i would never ban someone cause of a cracked key.
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Erstellt: 11.04.2019, 01:10 #33
Wow, you call this an "obvious kill"? You can clearly see he could hear a cross-fire there, he even stopped for a sec, maybe to take a look at the minimap carefully? Even though he didn't even need to do that, because, with a good pair of headphones, you can pinpoint the position quite easily on such distance.

But kudos for recording and posting a demo
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Erstellt: 11.04.2019, 09:19 #34
There is more than one way to interpret that clip. After I watched it for the first time, I was like 'meh, nothing weird.'

After re-watching it a couple of times, it seems odd that his crosshair points straight onto Wansi before Arvindtal made that stop and peeked/came around the corner. He basically let his teammate run into Wansi and then sprays exactly onto him through the smoke while moving (and not checking the radar carefully).

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Erstellt: 11.04.2019, 14:30 #35
His teammate (nawX) ran there and then the shooting started... Then Wansi started shooting and arvindtal peeked. There is nothing weird about him shooting right on Wansi because they were like 5m apart from each other and from such distance, you can basically pinpoint the player with fairly decent accuracy. Besides, God knows how many times Wansi pushed like this and also, this just could have been a coincidence, or possibly no-smoke, wallhack, but definitely nothing I would inflict a ban for just based on this single clip.
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Erstellt: 11.04.2019, 19:20 #36
Thanks for the demo @wansi.

Firstly im playing this game for 6yrs. Im not playing good like older days. I have 7.1headphones Zebronics iron head

Regarding the kill everytime they rush that spot, that round just like proxcit said. I see my teammate die & i burst fired on red-dot.
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Erstellt: 11.04.2019, 23:44 #37
I'm not saying it's a ban-worthy clip either. Just wanted to give my interpretation of that situation.

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Erstellt: 13.04.2019, 15:14 #38
Special thanks to the leader @Dermaddin.

I'll have my demo if required from now on & i wish if admin can take a little bit more time before banning a player, Afterall clean one shouldn't suffer.
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