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Erstellt: 12.04.2019, 14:59 #11
Even though I feel like there is no need to say anything on top of what's already been said, I want to add my two cents because, in the end, I think I am the one who has to deal with Kenzoku the most.

Actually, I am quite glad that you really started this post, because I finally have more room to express my feelings to you.

Straight up, Kenzoku, I think you should get some professional help. I really do mean it seriously and from goodwill. And yes, I realize this is "just a game", but still, in this game, you are playing with real people, not with people without any feelings and empathy as one may be used to from other video-games where you play against, as you say, NPCs.
It's just another kind of social interaction and in every social interaction, there are some rules one has to respect in order to be accepted by the others.

Just think about what you are doing every time you play. You come to the server, play for 20 minutes and then you start insulting everyone on the server. You always bring negative and toxic vibe and because of that, I think you are not eligible at all for playing on this server.

To be honest, at first, I thought you're just trolling because I simply couldn't believe there could be anyone who would really mean everything you say.

I tried many, I repeat many attitudes on you. I tried to be nice to you, I tried to understand you, I asked you what your problem is, I tried to explain to you that this server is populated with more experienced players and we admins do our best to keep the server clean from cheaters and in case of any doubts, you can always record a demo and post it to any admin, I was warning you every time you started insulting others, then I started kicking you because after the warnings, it got even worse, and then I got tired of you so I temp banned you. You just came back with a new key and with even more insults. And since then, nothing has changed.

And if you haven't noticed, I always let you play until you start your insults again.
So please, if you want to continue with playing on this server, learn at least some basic rules of communication with others.

Kind Regards

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Erstellt: 18.04.2019, 21:40 #12
wow, I could not have said better. i mean 100% right.

Kenzo u know we both deal a lot together and i deal with u the exact same way.
as long as u are quiet u will not be kicked or banned. but your way to talk to other human beings is simply not acceptable.

u realy should question yourself if u realy want to go on like that. im speaking off calling out someone cheating EVERYTIME u are playing.
pls think about that...

thx proxict for this honest words
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  • BERGSON: Sry for spam, correct link
  • BERGSON: Second link for previous message
  • BERGSON: "from 98-120 or higher all the time" is not true. My normal ping usually equals 100. However it may increase (for examle, to 105) during start time before new round as well as most players. But in game my ping is stable, but sometimes he may changes +-5 as well as most players. For example, check ping for the following players: : swiss 28, VAMPIRE 99, FrazeTee 42, Pat Solitano 50 swiss 23, VAMPIRE 94, FrazeTee 45, Pat Solitano 43 There is no fair reason for kick and tempban.
  • AUBAMEYANG: ur ping was going from 98-120 or higher all the time...u were lagging af and other players realised it too....wcyd
  • BERGSON: Is it correct?
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