Unban Request Zo :]

Erstellt: 27.04.2019, 19:33 #1
Hi lads,

I was banned by STAMINKIA for wh today. Tbh I don't even see myself amongst the top players of this server and usually play quite bad, which is why I do not comprehend the decision in the first place.
Either way, I'm kindly asking to lift the ban as I am certainly not cheating. I furthermore really enjoy playing on your servers cuz of slot numbers, nice atmosphere, usually kind admins and the decent mod.

GUID: eeb21ed4
Name: zo :]
Server #1

Thanks so much in advance and take care.
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Erstellt: 29.04.2019, 12:31 #2
DEMO: ufile.io/fc8y0bjh (cracked key)

Hi guys, I don't know if the demo is very exhaustive however in several kill zoe knew exactly where I were. Here he followed me and waited until I appeared, aiming before I was visible and standing there waiting for me to arrive
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Erstellt: 29.04.2019, 13:45 #3
@whysoserious You should watch the demo with a pair of headphones. He could have clearly heard you
And you say he followed you - where in the clip did he follow you? Yes, he waited for you to appear, but that's maybe just because he's playing with sound.
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Erstellt: 29.04.2019, 14:07 #4
he was there before he heard the noise. You can hear the noise at the last moment, but he knew I was there before he heard the noise. If you notice the noise you hear it when it is already under target first no. They are fractions of seconds.
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Erstellt: 29.04.2019, 15:34 #5
He was just checking B flowers site - nothing wrong there. And AFTER he heard your footsteps, he got more aware of the situation and waited for you to peek. Definitely nothing even remotely suspicious to me based on the demo you've provided.
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Erstellt: 29.04.2019, 18:15 #6
Agree with ProXicT opinion.
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