Cant connect to server UA

Erstellt: 24.05.2019, 05:39 #1
Since past 2 weeks i cant connect to any UA servers, idk what is the problem. it just gets timed out everytime. neither ip nor domain name is working. i had to use wtfast to play. is this some kind of range ban ?! i can join every german server except UA. Even website isnt working for me. Pls help me with this problem. This issue also happens for my friends, region (INDIA).
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Erstellt: 25.05.2019, 20:41 #2
Yes, it might be some kind of ban. Please send me a PM with your IP (do not post it in forum),
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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Erstellt: 26.05.2019, 07:22 #3
Thank You @DerMaddin, i sent you pm with my IP
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: Hey man
  • stonedjEHH.<3: Hi @ all
  • Padawan:DDD: Hey Maddin , könnte man mich wieder hochstufen auf Admin , da mir alles weggenommen wurde ;(
  • ProXicT: Nice to see you back, stachu!
  • stachu: woulnd't call that a problem, just life happend, hi btw
  • AUBAMEYANG: just playing with him...had some rl trouble...
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